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    FYI, Dezzar and JohnH are advocating for different style models.
    Dezzar will want all drivers on their axes as well as off axis to model for a directivity index in VituixCad.
    John is going to use PCD or Xsim to find relative offset at the listening position and requires all measurements initially to be on the main listening axis. This is for one axis only, but the most important one, and once developed, off axis measurements or models will be further verified.

    Neither is wrong.

    Also, I'm uncertain about your woofer wiring. These are DVC woofers, so you have 8 voice coils. Are the "bottom 2 in series" wired with all 4 coils in series to 16 ohms net?

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      I was assuming he wanted to continue to use XSim.

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      Good assumption, should he want to learn more as he goes. I'm with you here...