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    Open Back 3-way with coaxial midrange/tweeter. This is speaking to my want to build a pair of open back mid speakers for years (think statements, finalist, bordeaux, etc) coupled with coaxial alignment that I assume is part of the enjoyment I have with Kefs.

    Anyone familiar with the CX150 have thoughts on this kit?

    Orian 3-way High Output Bookshelf Speaker Kit Pair With Knock Down EnclosuresOrian 3-way High Output Bookshelf Speaker Kit Pair With Knock Down EnclosuresThe Orian High Output Bookshelf Speaker Kit's unique design delivers SPL levels you would normally only expect from larger tower speakers, while creating a spacious soundstage that will put you in the center of the performance. This speaker kit defines "big sound from small package". With an open back midrange enclosure, the Orian takes advantage of reflected sound to produce room filling output for a remarkably wide soundstage with no boxy coloration caused by standing waves. An 8" long throw woofer provides powerful low frequency output with useful in-room response to less than 30 Hz, making this system ideal for use without the need for a separate subwoofer. The coaxially mounted 1" silk dome tweeter provides natural but accurate response with almost perfect time alignment and phase interaction to the midrange. Whether you need high output to fill a large space or accurate response for critical studio playback, the Orian Speaker Kit is the perfect choice. Note: In smaller rooms, or reverberant spaces, the open baffle configuration may be undesirable due to excess reflected sound. In these cases, the Orian Speaker Kit includes everything you need for a damped rear chamber configuration in order to reduce the rear radiation. In addition, the damped rear chamber configuration will deliver more precise imaging that may be desirable in some situations.The DriversMidrange and high frequencies are handled by the Dayton Audio CX150-8 which features a 5" curvilinear poly cone woofer mated with a 1” silk dome tweeter. The poly cone woofer provides a good balance between stiffness, low mass and damping, making for a very natural sounding driver with a smooth frequency response. The silk dome tweeter provides detailed and clear high frequencies with minimal distortion. In addition, the optimized tweeter placement and flaring reduces the phase issues with the woofer that is commonplace with many coaxial drivers. Dayton Audio's DCS205-4 8" Classic Series Subwoofer was chosen to handle the low frequencies because of its excellent price to performance ratio. This rugged long throw driver has been proven to offer excellent low frequency capability, low distortion, and incredible reliability. In order to handle high power consistently, this driver features a vented, bumped back plate, Kevlar reinforced cone, rubber half-roll surround, and a high-temperature 4-layer copper voice coil on a polyimide former. Also, a copper cap on the pole piece helps to minimize stored energy helping to further minimize distortion even when pushed to its limit. The CrossoverDividing the frequencies between the drivers is a 15 component 3-way crossover network. Polypropylene caps, air core inductors, and ultra-low inductance resistors are used in the critical midrange/tweeter signal path allowing this network to pass audio with minimal effect to the original signal. Crossover frequencies of 500 and 4,500 Hz let the drivers perform in their optimal range for low distortion and consistent off-axis performance. Due to the number of components the Orian kit includes a custom dual-sided printed circuit board, making the crossover assembly and installation easier than ever. The EnclosureThe rigid 3/4" MDF enclosure panels are all CNC milled for tight tolerances ensuring easy enclosure assembly. The vented enclosure is optimized to give extended low-frequency response while controlling excursion to allow high output and power handling. All double rabbeted and dadoed joints make assembly almost effortless, requiring only a few clamps for a perfect fit. Recesses for flush mounting the midrange/tweeter and woofer are pre-cut, making installation a snap.Note: This kit comes with everything required to build a pair of Orian Bookshelf Speakers. Including: Knock-down enclosure, drivers, crossover components, damping material, binding posts, screws, and wire.Specifications• Power handling: 150 watts RMS/200 watts max • Frequency response: ±3 dB from 37-20,000 Hz (±6 dB from 30- 20,000 Hz) • Impedance: 4 ohms • Sensitivity: 83 dB 1W/1m • Dimensions: 21" H x 11" W x 13" DOn Axis Frequency ResponseDayton Audio CX150-8 Specifications:Midrange:• Power handling: 80 watts RMS/160 watts max • VCdia: 1.5" • Le: 1.03 mH • Impedance: 8 ohms • Re: 6.12 ohms • Frequency response: 60-5,500 Hz • Fs: 63.9 Hz • SPL: 88.8 dB 2.83V/1m • Vas: 0.34 cu. ft. (9.57 liters) • Qms: 5.38 • Qes: 0.51 • Qts: 0.46• Xmax: 5.0 mm Tweeter:• Power handling: 30 watts RMS/60 watts max • VCdia: 1" • Le: 0.04 mH @ 10 kHz • Impedance: 8 ohms • Re: 5.5 ohms • Frequency response: 3,500-20,000 Hz • Fs: 1940 Hz • SPL: 91.1 dB 2.83V/1m • Qms: 2.28 • Qes: 3.86 • Qts: 1.43Dayton Audio DCS205-4 Specifications:• Power handling: 150 watts RMS/300 watts max • VCdia: 1.5" • Le: 1.78 mH • Impedance: 4 ohms • Re: 3.9 ohms • Frequency response: 30 to 600 Hz • Fs: 32.3 Hz • SPL: 88.6 dB 2.83V/1m • Vas: 0.95 cu. ft. ( liters) • Qms: 6.28 • Qes: 0.4 • Qts: 0.37 • Xmax: 8.8 mm SpecificationsQ&AReviewsManuals & Resources

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    Looks like a solid value kit. I would maybe pad the tweeter down just another dB, as the response rises from the midrange band a touch.

    When I heard the CX150 prior, and it's shelf life was short lived for whatever the reason but now it's back, it really was not a bad driver. Smooth sounding poly midrange and integral tweeter did well together.

    I think the DCS205 is likely the best budget woofer tor this kit, as the performance and sensitivity seem to work well with the CX150. Were it not for that, the GRS 8SW HE would have had my vote.

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      Some cool ideas going on with that speaker. Hope I get to hear it.

      I do wish he had chosen another name.
      Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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        Siegfied grabs his tie and says "I don't get no respect!!" a la Rodney....

        excuse me..."respeck!!"
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          It has a very interesting set of features, not often do I see an open baffle coaxial. The low woofer looks a little rough to me, curious if dampening in the cabinet can alleviate some of the wiggles in the mid bass. I do wish they could start providing off axis data on the kits as well, on axis just doesn't tell me enough about a speaker to want to invest.


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            Very detailed instructions, and a very complete kit.


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              Definitely a nice alternative from the TM two-way standard.
              Coaxial and open-back mid is unique for a kit, nice looking way to do the open-back mid taking advantage of CNC rather than standard PVC pipe or a simple square.
              F3 of 37Hz is pretty impressive for a kit. The Solstice is 30Hz and more than twice as much.

              I think a large majority of posters here at PETT don't build kits, they either design their own or build others' designs by simply buying the parts. Thinking about the audience that buys and builds kits, this is a pretty unique alternative. Of course, what none of us know yet is how good it sounds and it is unlikely to be demo'd at a DIY event. It will be interesting to see once some reviews roll in, but those are hard to interpret given a lot of builder's-bias.


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                Thank you all for the insight. I think I'm going to give these a try in the future. I would Right now if I didn't have a move coming up. Hoping there will be a few builds for review very soon.


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                  Originally posted by Paul Carmody View Post
                  Some cool ideas going on with that speaker. Hope I get to hear it.

                  I do wish he had chosen another name.
                  I do like to build kits from time to time but this speaker doesn't really do anything for me personally, too odd, and ugly combination of drivers but that name... First its already spoken for in the lineage of speaker kit, and second its really not going to do PE any favors for anyone trying to look this thing up.


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                    Kinda like Ron E.'s original C-Notes project that was awesome followed by the PE "C-Notes" that weren't so much... Same PE designer I presume.

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                      Originally posted by PWR RYD View Post
                      Kinda like Ron E.'s original C-Notes project that was awesome followed by the PE "C-Notes" that weren't so much... Same PE designer I presume.
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                        If the designers at PE can't come up with their own names for projects, maybe they should look for another job...There is no excuse for laziness or disrespect


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                          Subomidiax! Subwoofer, open mid, coax. Easy peasy. Could the PE "eyes", perhaps post the measurements from the design stages? I don't think that's too much of an ask if they want people to drop close to a grand, depending on the total build, especially if the ad print is touting its usage as a studio monitor. Might make more individuals want to drop their hard earned money. Happy New Year, everyone! Glenn.


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                            They should rename the speaker kit. It's clear the name was chosen to trick buyers into thinking the design is somehow related to the original design. . The title of this thread doesn't help either.

                            edit.... Removed comment questioning the measurements.
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                              Kit builders generally don't measure. I'm speaking from personal experience, so YMMV. So it makes we wonder if these kits serve...uh, some purpose.