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Triumph subwoofer questions

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    Bit more progress this morning. Will slow down from here as I wait for driver/PRs/amp/veneer.

    Here's is the enclosure back with amplifier pocket. Front and rear panels slightly oversized and will flush trim on the router. Front and back panels glued and taped to hold in place while clamping.

    I did decide to give the little Nobsound G2 Pro amplifier a try for this. For 60 bucks why not? I'm hoping I can mount the little guy inside the amplifier recess and still be ae to access the controls.


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      An afternoon off plus a parts express delivery means more progress. Trim routed the front and rear baffles. Cut out the openings for the driver and passive radiators. I haven't been using this circle cutting jig for long so I find it pretty rewarding. Depth for drivers and opening diameters might not be perfect but I'm happy with my work. The depth will be impacted by the compression of the gasket and veneer thickness.

      I got a chuckle that the shipping box is significantly bigger than the subwoofer enclosure!


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        Nice work. I got my 8" Designer series PR and a terminal cup yesterday. I'm going to make a passive Biumph with the terminals mounted on the bottom per Tom Zarbo. Good idea. I also got a Fosi Audio BT30D Pro 2.1 amp, which has two of the same TPA 3255 chips as your Nobsound sub amp. I'll make a thread later this year when it's warm enough to work in my garage.

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      Wow I just can't make up my mind on the amplifier for this. Nobsound going back as I couldn't come up with a solution I'd be happy with for mounting/placing this.

      I ended up ordering a dayton apa-150 monoblock.


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        Got the amp and took the sub for a test drive before putting the cosmetic finishes on things.

        Ive got an issue going on, perhaps with the output levels of the pre amp outputs in the audiolabs 6000a integrated? It took setting the dayton volume/gain all the way up and having the volume on the audiolabs nearly all the way up for the subwolfer to really get going. It did finally get there but at a volume much louder than i'd typically be listening.

        I didn't have left and right speakers hook up, just the sub, but I'm nearly certain at the levels I'd be listening I'd never hear any appreciable output from the sub.

        Any thoughts would be appreciated!