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Location of drivers on Passive Agressives?

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  • Location of drivers on Passive Agressives?

    PE was nice enough to sell me a kit for a pair of Passive Aggressives sans the MDF as it's on back order. I normally use the MDF parts for templating with a router to fabricate the holes for the drivers in nicer plywood. I can figure out the diameters that I need to cut the holes using a Jasper Jig from the driver spec's but I would like to to know the location of the center of the holes, especially the passive radiators, which are offset a little bit from one side to the other.

    If anybody has a dimensional drawing or a CAD file they could send me that would be great.

    I have some 1/4 inch cherry plywood that I"m going to vacuum laminate to some 3/8 baltic birch to make the sides and I'm going to use solid cherry hardwood 3/4 inch thick for the fronts and backs. All from scraps in my garage. These will go in my new travel trailer that my wife and I just purchased.



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    If your sides are 5/8" thick you might not need to offset the PRs. I made a pair in 3/4" maple and had no interference. This is assuming you keep the same volume and the width of the box increases externally. WRT hole size, generally that dimension is shown on the driver drawings under the specification page. A test hole in scrap is recommended. I made mine before there was a kit, the info in the build thread was sufficient for me to reproduce the project. Read the thread, look at the pictures, I'm sure you can figure it out. It's tiny, there's only one way to fit it all in.

    Edit after rereading the thread. Forum member silverD cut a cool box, hit him up. He's very handy. and speaks CNC.


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      According to my original drawings, the tweeters are 1.5" down from the top, centered, and the woofers are 2.5" up from the bottom, centered. The passives are in the middle of the side panels with one being 1/8" higher than center, and the other being 1/8" lower than center, assuming you are using stock dimensions and 1/2" material. If you are using thicker panels as djg mentioned, this offset is not necessary.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Driver center drawing.jpg
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      Your results may vary.


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        Thanks for all the info. The drawing is just what I need. Since the tweeter is back mounted and I would like to use 3/4 faces should I chamfer the fronts with a radius bit to flare the hole from the outside or countersink it from the back to make the thinkness 1/2 inch?


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          Put a rebate on the backside. The tweeter should be flush with the baffle.