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Anywhere I can find t/s specs for a Yamaha 8" driver XZ951AO ?

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  • Anywhere I can find t/s specs for a Yamaha 8" driver XZ951AO ?

    A buddy of mine took it out of an old sub he had, The cabinet is long gone but he asked me to design a new cab for him. (Even if he had the old cab I'm not assuming it was the "ideal" size for this driver)

    I just need the t/s parms and I'm good to go. I don't think measuring the one he has is an option. Neither of us have the measurement tools and he's also 1200 miles away from me

    Anybody know where I might be able to find such info?

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    If they never offered it as a lone driver then you probably wont find official specs on it. Only other thing would be getting lucky and finding a post on some forum where someone measured it themself.

    Looks like that came out of a Yamaha yst-sw45. The external dimensions are listed Width 235mm x Height 365mm x Depth 318mm ​However there is a pretty thick grill on the front.. guessing about 1.5" thick just looking at photos.

    I saw some photos with the grill off and looks like it was ported. No clue on port dimensions though.
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      Iv'e measure several dozen commercial budget subwoofer drivers and came to the conclusion manufacturers do not care about T/S parameters all that much. I have also found several schematics for budget commercial drivers and they have all used a combination of bass boost plus a notch or two to presumably get the desired response. The commercial guys have us beat, there. At least at the budget level.

      Were it me, I would look for the same subwoofer with a smoked driver or Ebay this driver and use the funds towards a known entity.
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        If 1200 mi. puts him in NE Wisconsin, then I could probably measure it for you?