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  • Vortex15 finally finished

    Good god, I can be a procrastinator, as well as being a squirrel attracted to shiny things! These could have been done, and should have been done months ago, but I revamped my studio and have been obsessing over tracking, mixing, much placement techniques, etc. Well, I had the day off on Monday and went to town. I got them playing and brought my Model 16 up from the studio to play around with track eq and mix, and pure listening enjoyment. I purposely set these up on a plain a/v receiver, in the big untreated room with wood floors, and no rugs to hear them in the worst of my options, and man these sound great! No break in, straight from wiring, dampening, and drilling and mounting everything, they are fantastic with great imaging and a much more neutral and balanced sound character than I was expecting, especially in this room. I have a few different pro sound high power amps that will drive them, and they will probably end up as my mains for playback either down in the studio or in my treated dedicated room. I can't wait to hear them as they loosen up over time. 6thplanet is coming up this weekend to hang and play around in the studio, and he may end up taking measurements of these hulking headphones. Thank you Erich, and Matt! Love them! Glenn.

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    Yeah, looking forward to hearing them! We'll get some Omnimic and DATS measurements posted.
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      Sweet! We're all really excited for this weekend! Glenn.


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        What a blast our weekend was! 6thplanet spent the weekend with me, and showed up with a beautiful work of art that I'm playing in this jam video. Solid stave walnut snare. What an amazingly beautiful, and fantastic sounding and playing drum. We pulled the big coax's apart and he let me know that they were over stuffed, and the tuning with the slot port was too low, so my buddy on the right brought a jigsaw along, and we cut the ports down to bring the tuning up. There was a good amount of rocking going down, and a great time hanging with a group of really great guys! 6thplanet may post the measurements here. They were measuring 4 db or so hot in the midrange. I don't have the mf pad jumped on the crossover. 6thplanet instantly noticed the mid bump before he used the test rig. After the port shortening, and much less acoustic foam, they sound even better, and more balanced. I have them in the good room now, driven by 450 high current watts/ channel, subs off, and wow..these bad boys rock. I have to be kind to the old rocker ears to preserve the hearing, buy these are fun to give the juice to. Enjoy the jam. It's the everyone gets a solo, video, of our fun in the studio day. I got to add drum tracks to a killer metal song of 6thplanets tracks, out of my board, into his daw. In the words of the Jackson 5...blame it on the boogie! Glenn.


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          Watched the cool jam session video over at you know where.

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            Awesome, Craig! I tried to post it here, and I kept getting error messages. We had a blast hanging. I'll see if it will work now. Glenn.