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Passive Radiator for Peerless 830452

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  • Passive Radiator for Peerless 830452

    Building four of these somewhat compact subwoofers for my living room. box design is 12x14x24 with driver and PR on opposite sides. Should work out to something like 1.4 ft^3 after bracing.

    My question is about the passive radiator. Trying to decide on the RSS265-PR available on sale right now, or wait for the RSS315-PR that is currently unavailable.

    Winisd shows the Peerless and RSS265 reaching their published excursion limit at roughly the same time. Should I be safe using the 265, or would I be better off with the 315.

    I don't consider winisd as anything more than a very rough guesstimate of subwoofer behavior, so I'm leaning towards the 265 being perfectly adequate?

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    The PR's stroke isn't the problem, it's the tuning freq.

    I CAN tune a 1.4(net) cf box down into the upper 20s to hit an F3 near 30, if I use a port (that's too long).
    1.4cf SEEMs a bit large for the 10" XLS sub, and the single RS 10" PR can't really tune it low enough.
    If I HAD to use that PR w/that driver, I'd drop the box (net) volume down to 0.9 cf. THEN that PR tunes the box into the mid 30s, reaching an F3 closer to 40Hz. (Should be good for music, but not necessarily HT.)

    the 12" RS PR CAN tune 1.4cf into the mid 30s (no added mass), yielding an F3 near 35Hz.


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      I threw it in WinISD. The RSS265 pr seems fine for tuning as-is with less than 1db rise to typical 80hz xo, though I can't seem to get it to show the PR excursion so that is a big blind spot for me.
      I'm certainly not good at this. Just stubborn enough to keep going.