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Copper flat bar vs cable; terminals to drivers. What will happen to the signal?

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  • Copper flat bar vs cable; terminals to drivers. What will happen to the signal?

    I'm thinking of doing something arty with flat bar instead of wires to the drivers from the terminals.

    I've noticed that Danny Richie talks a lot about removing mass from the signal path (usually in relation to the binding posts).

    If skin effect is a thing, I'm guessing a solid bar gives very little surface area to signals pulling each other along.

    The questions I can think to ask:
    1) Does all that mass remove amplified signal/affect the sound?
    2) Would flat bar (say 1" wide over 2') turn into a receiving antenna [to a degree that would be audible?


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    I'm sure it would work fine, and look cool. You do good work. Don't drop your fork across the bars, and definitely don't let any tweakers see your setup.

    Somewhat related, one time I shorted a 28V aircraft battery to ground with my Seiko metal watchband. Stopped wearing a watch at work.

    And yes, Danny Richie does talk a lot.


    • AllisterMcRae
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      Thanks djg. Good to hear that you survived a Seiko. 28V...I've heard stories about dropping a wrench over car battery terminals and it jumping back at them. How many amps would that battery throw? Any cool scars from that incident?

    • djg
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      It was a segmented metal band. I had a segmented wrist burn. That was a big battery, lotta amps. Instant heat.

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    Danny Richie talks foolish about a lot of foolish things. He likes to totally dismiss REAL Engineering and Science... You won't make anything sound worse with the solid copper bars but it will definitely make your wallet feel more airy!

    I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.


    • AllisterMcRae
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      Well played ...

      Thanks for the input

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    Originally posted by AllisterMcRae View Post

    If skin effect is a thing
    It is, at radio frequencies. The mere mention of it at audio frequencies indicates the presence of a snake oil salesman.


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      I'd probably go with hollow copper bars, that way you can water cool your signal so it's not too hot when it gets to the driver.