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better high end for C-Notes?

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  • better high end for C-Notes?

    I built c-notes and the c-note center channel, last year. They are good, but I'd like better high frequency response. Would it be reasonable to add supplemental tweeters, each with its own crossover, sitting on top of the enclosures? As I understand, most tweeters are sealed and don't need tuned enclosures. I'm thinking I could parallel wire them from the speaker terminals into a low-end blocking crossover and then into the additional tweeters. Would I also need an attenuator to match the loudness to the existing speakers and if so, could it be done with a potentiomenter either in front of or behind the crossover, or would it have to be a resistor added into the crossover circuit? Or would I need to attenuate the existing speakers if the proposed additional tweeters were more efficient?
    My electronics knowledge is mostly radio frequency stuff, so I'm out of my depth, here, and would appreciate any ideas and help.

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    Picked apart for your enjoyment.

    This is a review and detailed measurements of the Parts Express C-Note DIY Kit. It was kindly purchased, put together and shipped to me by member @Winkleswizard. A pair of these with everything you need including the cabinet "flat pack" costs just US $100. And that includes free shipping if...


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      No point adding a second tweeter - creates endless issues. If you want higher output from the tweeter the cnote crossover looks like it uses a 6ohm resistor ahead of the high pass circuit on the tweeter (it's the only resistor in the whole network). Try replacing this with a 5 or 4 ohm resistor to lift the top end.
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