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Isolation from bottom and top cabinets

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  • Isolation from bottom and top cabinets

    I am building a speaker system that has two 8" RSS210HO-4 drivers in a tower type cabinet and the top cabinet is like a bookshelf speaker. I was wondering what everybody thinks is the best way to isolate the two cabinets.

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    Is the top cabinet basically a bookshelf speaker sitting on a bass bin? If so, Sorbothane pads are the best for vibration damping but expensive, rubber feet would work.


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      First standard response: The location under your mains is very rarely the best place for a sub. Aesthetically good, not necessarily acoustically good.

      For isolation... first brace the sub cabs well, then regular old rubber feet will be fine.
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        I use drawer/shelf lining. Works great.


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          Thanks for the replys. Yes its like a book shelf speaker. I am using drawer linings now but I wanted something better looking. I was thinking rubber feet so I will probably go that route but the sorbothane sheet sounds interesting.
          AFA putting the bass cabinet in a different spot, I designed it as a tower speaker. The crossover is at 200 hz going to a Purifi mid. I am also using the new Tang Band 2" softdome mid from 1khz to 4khz then to a berylium Belisma tweeter. Quad amp setup with Parasound and Stasis amps.


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            Could trim exact fit pads out of sheet neoprene... If you have a place that supplies computer hardware locally you can often get cheap mouse pads to cut up.
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