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  • Outdoor Rock Speaker Retrofit

    Need some help/ideas. My father in law integrated a pair of rock speakers in my patio maybe 12 years ago. Before that they were at his property for about the same amount of time. He was friends with the owner of NEAR/Bogen Communications and apparently these are one of his prototypes. The have not sounded good for a long time and so we finally took them apart to find everything is corroded to heck. I'd like to see if we can retrofit them with modern drivers.

    The interior cavity is approximately 20 liters. There perforations for a 2" tweeter and 6" Woofer and a crossover at the base. I'm not really sure where to start except that the drivers probably can't be made of paper. I have a 3D printer which I could use to adapt similar sized drivers if the holes don't quite line up but I have never designed a 2-way + crossover.

    I saw that PE sells 5"-6"coaxial marine speakers and maybe that would be the easiest way to get going and not have to deal with a crossover and just seal up the 2" perforated section. These were a pia to dig out and I'd like to get the best sound out of them for as long as possible so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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