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will MdF burn ok?

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    8-O *NM*


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      Wee Texus Folk Misskeet Smoak Ever Thang...' it ain't never hert nun uv us nun. In perticlar arr smartz!!


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        I never said it wouldn't burn.....

        > If you are talking about a fire pit on a
        > deck or something, you'll be okay njust
        > burning the MDF by itself. I've even burnt
        > wet mdf and other woods by smearing it with
        > liquid nails first then lighting it. It
        > burns like crazy. If your in the yard though
        > you can pour some kerosens on the wood
        > before you light it to help it burn. Don't
        > use gas because it might explode and don't
        > put it on after you light it. Kerosene will
        > help it burn real good though. I used to do
        > construction and we would burn all the scrap
        > wood and vinyl sidding in a hole with
        > kerosene to keep warm.

        Yes, MDF burns well. It's just unhealthy to burn in an open fire. Putting accelerants on it probably makes it more unhealthy.

        You know the smoke that comes off? It's composed of tiny particles, many of which will get right past your body's defenses, right into your lungs and lodge there and/or directly into your blood stream.

        Obviously, a few lungfulls of the stuff won't kill you right away. However, a series of exposures over the years could give you cancer, brain damage, cook your liver, or whatever, depending on what you were exposed to.

        Jim S.

        (Originally posted by: Jim S.)


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          Re: Wee Texus Folk Misskeet Smoak Ever Thang...

          I just smoked some bacon using MDF instead of my usual apple wood, and I must say, it's not bad. Kind of peppery.

          Just kidding people.
          Building it big and playing it loud! Because we all know size really does matter, and a little over compensation never hurt anyone. :eek:


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            If you or a loved one has been exposed to the products of MDF combustion you may be entitled to compensation. Call our law firm now for a free consultation.


            • djg
              djg commented
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              Brown lung?

            • fpitas
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              I just know I'm going to get spam about this now.

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            Talk about a sick burn!


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              From five or so minutes of internet "research", it appears that MDF contains at least as much resin as particle board or OSB, and few people will burn that stuff. I don't burn anything but clean wood in my stove.


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                Since MDF is glue and sawdust, it's not surprising that it's obnoxious to burn. Even plywood contains a lot of glue.


                • Geoff Millar
                  Geoff Millar commented
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                  MDF smells nasty and acrid enough when you're just routing out driver holes, I wouldn't burn it or put the sawdust on the garden or in the compost either.

                • fpitas
                  fpitas commented
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                  Yes, it's a little gagging even when I hand saw it. Smells like (among other bad things) formaldehyde, maybe.

                • billfitzmaurice
                  billfitzmaurice commented
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                  Maybe that's why we don't see MDF Smoked Bacon?

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                It can't be worse than mesquite. *NM* | | katmoviehd
                lol agree.