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I didnt know PE had a "country club"

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  • I didnt know PE had a "country club"

    I just noticed that the PE forum has a ritsy type club. I bet they all sound like Thurston Howell the 3rd! Sitting around enjoying tea and crumpets!
    Do they also enjoy valet parking? "oh Jeevs, would you bring out the Bently"
    Just Aaron
    [email protected]

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    Remember, put your pinkie finger up in the air when you drink

    My favorite woofer is a Labrador retriever.


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      Re: I didnt know PE had a "country club"

      I had created that group just to see how the function worked. I have temporarily changed the group to Moderated so that anyone can join pending approval.

      I don't know if it is something that will last, just trying it "on".

      The main thing that I don't want to do is create a separate forum with exclusive membership. I think that would take away from the main forum and upset some people that aren't invited.

      We'll see if it lasts...


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        Re: I didnt know PE had a "country club"

        where's this darn country club? I don't play golf, but I can sure help make sure that the beer doesn't go stale !!!

        Ahhh found it !!!
        If people want to listen to wiggles, that up to them....

        I prefer music.