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  • Enclosure Lining Materials

    Hello, everybody.

    I've been thinking a lot lately about materials for lining speaker enclosures. I know of the common routes that many builders take -- open-cell foam, fiberglass, polyfill...but I've personally been hunting around for something that is as easy to work with as the open-cell foam yet with better absorption capability.

    It seems to me that thick, low-density wool felt would make a great enclosure lining material, to be used alone or with open-cell foam. I've seen some excellent felt used in automotive applications for noise dampening.

    The Society of Automotive Engineers has a grading system for industrial nonwoven materials. Among the SAE grades, SAE F-13 and F-15 are two low-density felts that are recommended for acoustic dampening. I'd like to get a roll of whichever of these is cheaper, just to experiment with, but I was wondering if anyone on here had experience with using felt as a damping material. An even cheaper route may be to use a "synthetic" wool comprised of a blend of 50/50 wool/polyester fibers.

    What's your damping material of choice, and why?
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    Re: Enclosure Lining Materials

    lots out there cork / redgard /felt . I like all three I use what i have laying around. I have a lot of cork and redgard right now. I do like felt but I don't get a hold of it as much as cork and redgard. I use cork for other thing and have left over I use redgard to line bathroom floors under tile so I have it left over because I did 3 bathrooms in my home in the last 5 years. for free I would use redgard. it paints on with a brush and does not stink. 3 coats helps a lot. really good on metal like car doors. It also seals air leaks and makes gaskets for woofers.
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      Re: Enclosure Lining Materials

      A whopping $/bag;

      I used 4 bags, 2 per cab, and the spray-adhesive from Elmers.
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