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Pesky Rabbit (joint) Problem.. Need Advice

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  • Pesky Rabbit (joint) Problem.. Need Advice

    I'm coming along on my first cabinets; all mitered joints. Now I'm getting to the point where I need to make my baffle cutouts. My cabinet is 9 1/2" wide, and my baffle is 9" wide, which leaves a 1/4" on either side of the baffle cutout / recess.

    My question is: Should I veneer the front of the enclosure first, and rabbit that narrow passage next to the recess after everything's glued down? Or do you guys think veneering a 1/4" wide section of enclosure should be easy without tear outs?

    I'm just wondering if I should hold off on doing this rabbit till later. See below.

    Thanks y'all,

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    Re: Pesky Rabbit (joint) Problem.. Need Advice

    I'd probably cut the veneer with a steel straight edge and a new blade to a thickness just a hair over 1/4" (like 1/32). Align the baffle edge perfect, then just sand the slight overhang. No tear-out.


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      Re: Pesky Rabbit (joint) Problem.. Need Advice

      I would glue the veneer after the baffle is glued in place. I usually start with the back, then the sides, then the front... so all the edges of the venner are hidden from the front...

      I use lots of blue painters tape to prevent tear out...