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Active Circuits for Beginners--Recommended References?

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  • Active Circuits for Beginners--Recommended References?

    As I get more into this hobby, I like the idea of building my own active circuits--crossovers, amps, pre-amps, and the like. It's a little intimidating at first, and right now I have more opportunity to study than to build. What references (web or print) do y'all experts recommend we noobs start out with?

    ESP has been helpful, if a bit over my head, and kit vendors' documentation has been good, too. And of course, the forums!


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    Re: Active Circuits for Beginners--Recommended References?

    ESP is really the best documentation I've found online. Pretty much everything you need to know to build his projects or similar stuff is there. Beyond that i would say pick up a basic electronics textbook or two. A textbook will be boring as they are not directly suited towards audio, but they are useful as reference materials.

    Do you have a specific topic you want to learn more about?

    ESP: for those who don't know it already.
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