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Alright. Who else does this?

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  • Alright. Who else does this?

    Call his rig a ripoff if you want (his speakers, Bowers & Wilkins 802Ds, probably set him back over $15,000), but don't impugn his enthusiasm. For these ten decreasingly-appareled minutes, Ken the Audiophile is the happiest man in the entire world, and he only has B&W, Keith Richards and his predatory loan officer…

    Now I have a happy dance but this is absolutely great. With some 502s in the house, I think I'd be dancing like a drunk fool too.

    My favorite woofer is a Labrador retriever.

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    Re: Alright. Who else does this?

    I'm too ADD to watch the whole thing. So... did he ever fall down and break one of the B&W's?:p


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      Re: Alright. Who else does this?

      He either forgot to take his prescribed medication, or had too much of an un-prescribed medication. Either way though, good for him. Most people wouldn't let someone watch them do something foolish like that, let alone have it filmed and broadcasted over the internet. :D
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