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Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

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  • Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

    I thought I might post complete information on my FCT3.8 Speakers (Flames).
    They will be at Dayton.

    For background on this build see: and

    1st some pics:

    The idea for this build came from the Thiel CS3.7's:

    These speakers have the following drivers:
    Tang Band 25-1372sc
    TB W4-657sh
    TB W6-789s
    8" Dayton PR.

    The 3 way system was centered on the W4-657sh OB, open back tunnel for this Mid.:

    This driver has a very detailed and clear sounding driver with the open back.

    I started this build as a gift for my son's birthday, once I heard the W4-657sh I knew this was the Mid to build a speaker for him. I just happen to have the other 2 TBs I got in Lexington from Robert. Both looked to work well with this Mid., So the FCT3.8 was born. The W6-789s crossed around 800hz has alot of bass. The 5 degree slope allows the drivers to be some what time alined.
    Here are my working drawings:

    The XO was giving me some problems, but Wolf steped in and helped me work it all out, with his help I think I got it right.
    Here is the finial XO:

    Modeled Freq:

    PR modeling (using Jeff B's program).

    And Measurment from ARTA:

    Well to make a long story short, when my son saw and heard these speakers, He said thier finish dide not match thier sound, (they sound HOT, and should look HOT) would it be OK if he redid the finish, I told him to do what he wanted, thier his.
    So, he worked up a design and had a local Artist (James Brown of to execuite his design.
    So these speakers went from:

    To this:

    Overall this was not a hard build, the rounded top was a bit of work, but all else was not hard. 3 chambers, mid chamber is 6"x6" with a 5" round hole in the back. The open back really made a major difference in how these things sound. This is a very good sounding system, very detailed with well defined bass. The only thing missing is there is no upper "air" with this tweeter, but otherwise this speaker sounds execllent!

    If you make it to Dayton these will be there.

    Thanks for looking -- Ed
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    Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

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      Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

      I love the finish - the paint has so much depth. The back is cool as well. I'd live with them even though they would not go with anything in my living room. Very cool!!!
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        Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

        I love the blue 'n' white "energy" around the drivers... awesome!!


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          Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

          SWEET !

          Those are seriously cool !

          Wish I could do a decent paint job !!!
          If people want to listen to wiggles, that up to them....

          I prefer music.


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            Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

            That paint job is amazing, uh... hot!
            This will be a tough one to top on your future builds.

            Hope to make it to Dayton one of these days; I used to live in Kettering in my Junior High days, decades ago.



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              Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

              Originally posted by Pete Schumacher ® View Post
              I fully agree with your response Pete, but if a picture equals 1000 words, how many words does and emoticon equal? (certainly more than "eek!" in this case)

              Phenomenal and unique speaker Ed (and son) both in design (regarding the open back mid and use of a passive radiator and a few other aspects) and looks (no explanation required but an :eek: works for me).
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                Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                oh the.....look at the.....and the......!!

                That is one of the best looking speaks Ive ever seen on this forum! The before pic (and no offense) looks like a lame mailbox painted a hideous color. May not fatigue the ears but definitely the eyes. And now, well like I said...
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                  Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                  They were unveiled at InDIYana. So all you Daytoners? We got to see them first. Nyeah!

                  These babies exemplify our hobby. If you at all have a chance to listen to them, do so. Not only do they look impressive, but they SOUND really impressive, too. They sound flatter than they measure and just make you grin. The 4" TB makes for a very detailed mid and that 6" TB puts out bass you'd expect from a much larger driver.


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                    Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                    Those are truly beautiful.
                    Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                      Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                      Wow. ******.
                      I am trolling you.


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                        Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                        What can I say that hasn't already been said? VERY COOL!

                        The blue arcs coming out from the drivers are my favs!

                        I am jealous. Great Job!


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                          Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                          If I owned these and they didn't go with my listening room, I'd redecorate the listening room!

                          Bill Schneider


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                            Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                            Very nice. I especially like the singed look on the back.

                            The original finish looks a little textured, while the new paint job looks very glossy. Did the artist have to sand or strip the original, or did he just paint over it? How much work was it?
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                              Re: Flame ON! FCT3.8 Speakers *Pics*

                              Absolutely beautiful, fantastic color choices too!