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    For those who have seen my Whetstones design ("Stones") at DIY Dayton and DIY Iowa, or for those that have asked me about them, or anyone else interested, I've put up enough information (plans, schematic, BOM) on my page that you can knock out a pair of your very own. For those who don't know, the Whetstones are a filtered full-range design using a Tang Band W4-1052S driver. Parts of the write-up are still in progress but all the essential information to construct a pair of Whetstones is there.

    (As you can see, I'm flogging Jason Andreasen's excellent photo.)

    Best Regards,

    Rory Buszka

    Taterworks Audio

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    Re: Stones Details Posted


    I'm working on a Whetstones project and had a quick, and probably silly, question regarding the filter.

    I have only built standard crossovers. The schematic shows the filter only being on one side of the positive or negative path with the other going straight from the input terminal to the speaker. It doesn't seem to dictate which side its on.

    Is my read on this schematic true? or is it super simple and I'm missing something. do you have anything that could help me like photos showing how the filter is hooked into the signal path or something.

    Anything is appreciated! hope you can shed some light on this for me.


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      Re: Stones Details Posted

      The speaker signal is AC, so it doesn't matter which "side" of the speaker it is on. That is a pretty sophisticated filter. The lines are wires, the loops, flat plates and jagged lines are coils, capacitors and resistors. The entire filter goes on one "side" of the speaker, the other lead goes to the terminal directly. Coils need some distance between them, and to be oriented differently.

      Note the errata below the diagram correcting the values.


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        Re: Stones Details Posted

        I measured Rory's Whetstones at my house a while back. Rory did an excellent job with the contour filter. The on-axis frequency response with the filter was very flat . If you are listening on-axis it should be a really nice little speaker. Transient perfect too.

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          Re: Stones Details Posted

          Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help.


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            Re: Stones Details Posted

            Wow, this is old. I've come a long way since then.

            Click image for larger version

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            I hope the Whetstones design works well for you. They're fun speakers to listen to, and a great way to experiment with the unique strengths of a single-driver speaker configuration. Post pics when you're finished.

            In my build of the Whetstones, the filter is connected between the positive terminal and the driver.
            Best Regards,

            Rory Buszka
            Product Manager, Dayton Audio

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