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wich music player with Eq

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  • wich music player with Eq

    Im wondering what computer music players everyone is using ?

    Im using windows media player

    I was hoping to find one with a better eq, any suggestions

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    Re: wich music player with Eq

    Winamp v5.5, with Shibatch Super EQ. It does the EQ right, by reducing the level before applying EQ keeps things from getting clipped.


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      Re: wich music player with Eq

      I use Foobar. It has a 10 band eq and you can save an unlimited number of combinations. Plus, it's free.
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        Re: wich music player with Eq

        Im trying both winamp and foobar what a diffrence in controll way better then win mediaplayer thanks !


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          Re: wich music player with Eq

          I like Foobar for FLAC playback, and I like the simplicity of its interface, but I also use the Zune client software for loading my new Zune HD. The problem is that I need to keep multiple formats of everything I've ripped to FLAC, since support for FLAC is still pretty limited, so the storage requirements are increased.
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