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Review:J.Kim's RS180S-8/27TDFC Design

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  • Review:J.Kim's RS180S-8/27TDFC Design

    It's been 4 months since I've built J. Kim's Dayton RS180S-8/Seas 27TDFC design so I thought I'd do a review.

    Here's a link to the project:

    I used his suggested ported design with a 0.5cf PE curved cabinet.

    First off jAy was a real sweetheart to work with. He was kind enough to spend his valuable time answering my many emails. He even examined an emailed image of the x-crossover for errors after I completed it. How cool was that?!

    The only way I know how to evaluate a speaker is to compare it with something else. For the comparison, I A-B'ed the RS180S-8/27TDFC with my older Maggie MMGs minus the subwoofer.

    Test Equipment: PS Audio C100 Int Amp (100x2 8 ohms, 200x2 4 ohms), PS Audio DLIII DAC upsampling to 24/192 using USB Connection to Dell Mini 10v Netbook,

    Frequency response: My MMGs drop off fast below 60Hz. At 50Hz there's next to nothing. JK's design is flat to about 50Hz, down about 3db at 40hz and useable response below 35Hz. I don't use a sub. The high end of the MMGs seems more rolled off and a bit smoother than JK's design. The mids are excellent on both. I'd say the mid range is stronger, more prominent on JK's design though.

    Sound Impressions: The MMGs are more transparent. JK's design is more lush. Detail is very good on both. I can't choose a winner between the two on detail. Both have a balanced natural sound that is non-fatiguing and enjoyable for hours.

    Imaging: The soundstage on JK's design is big, much bigger than the MMGs. It's a bit more diffused than the MMGs though. The MMGs have a tight well focused sound stage but it's smaller. Ironically, depth may be a little better on JK's design.

    JK's design is clean and natural sounding. It's voiced well for jazz instrumentals and especially for vocals. I don't need or want a subwoofer. Bass extension is good enough for my music.

    I look forward to listening to jazz on JK's design, glass of wine in hand, a couple of hours every night. It's a great way to relax from a hi-stress job. The MMGs plus the subwoofer are now in the exercise room in the basement.

    Thanks jAy!
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      Re: Review:J.Kim's RS180S-8/27TDFC Design

      Thanks for the update, Jim. I hope you will enjoy the speakers for years before you are bitten by the speaker DIY bug again. Even if you build another set of speakers, I recommend not cannibalizing your speakers.

      Hi Robert, this is a great compliment:

      "These speakers were the best speakers I had at that time."