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    Re: My turn!!


    I have sent you a private message via the Tech Talk system. Let me hear if you do not receive it today.



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      Re: My turn!!

      Jerrald:While I was keeping an eye on responses here, I did look at other designs for inspiration.

      Scott L: In my opinion, based on 30+ years of speaker building, an approach that has worked for me.......

      1)A single fine ribbon tweeter (such as the RAAL)mounted in it's own housing; physically separate from the rest, yet built such that close proximity to the mids is possible.
      2) If you like MTM arrangement, flank said ribbon with some high resolution/hi-efficency drivers of your choice; otherwise use a "and a half-way" type dual mids such that only the top driver carries the upper frequencies just before crossing to the ribbon tweeter. BSC might be figured here, unless you opt for a di-pole mid, which is what I suggest. Still, some bsc, if you like rich sound.
      3) A superbly built low-mid/ upper bass section; say a pair of 12" professional woofers; maybe some nice Emminence from Parts Express. The mid range section can NOT sit atop this section as to avoid doppler effects. Build a stand that drapes over this low mid section.
      4) Ultimately, the deep bass section should be an infinite baffle design. Check out the "cult of the infinitely baffled". If this is not possible, you can do a manifold type-opposing driver arrangement in a healty sized vented enclosure.
      I'd use at least a PAIR of 15" (say the RSS390HF) per channel.
      *) This entire system to be driven via electronic crossover system(s). You'll need about 5 high quality audio amplifiers; each chosen for their applied frequency section. Eg: a tube amp for the ribbon; high power SS for the deep bass, etc. Not a light undertaking, but you can really enjoy the music.


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        Re: My turn!!

        Originally posted by jerrald View Post
        To DoubleTap: I actually didn't have an idea of what I wanted to build that is why I asked for input.
        While I was keeping an eye on responses here, I did look at other designs for inspiration hence my nod to Rick's latest design.
        The differences are a larger sub and different drivers for the array.
        But again, I would like to thank everyone for their input.

        To Rick Craig: Am I in any violations by using your idea?
        It doesn't bother me; afterall, it's impossible to design anything that doesn't borrow at least a little from what has been done before.