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    Re: New Accutons

    Originally posted by Zach C. View Post
    Come on technology trickle down!!!
    you mean like wealth trickling down from rich down?


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      Re: New Accutons

      Originally posted by dcibel View Post
      Yes, you have it right. Sorry, I mixed my words up....long day at work...greater cone area, less excursion, same displacement. The high sensitivity in the case of this Accuton driver (or any driver for that matter) is still a good thing, as the less power input required for the acoustic output will mean less thermal stress on the voice coil/motor, everything else being equal.
      part of what happens in your first idea which was not exactly correct, is that for practical applications high sensitivity can allow 2 drivers instead of one. or 4 drivers instead of 2. lets say a van has space for 4 eight inch woofers these four woofers would work with a 320 watt sub amp. all 4 sealed

      small xmax of 1.5mm but high sensitive and lots of area. also the sealed van will reinforce the sound/deep. the one sealed

      well known super sub eight inches crazy xmax 19mm handles 500 watts low sensitive. the cheaper setup of 8 low xmax would be better in a lot of ways.