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  • favorite live album

    What is your favorite live album??? I'm sure all of you have seen many great bands in concert before, but really what I'd like to know is what recorded live albums do you love to put on.

    I just got my amazon order today and immediatly opened Jeremy Camp's live album. I will be seeing him in concert this summer and I can't wait. Another favorite band of mine, Third Day, has live songs on their offerings albums, and having seen them several times in concert, I just love the feeling it gives you when you listen. One of my new favorites is Alison Kraus' live album as it is really mastered well. So... let the posts flow.

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    Re: favorite live album

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen.
    I am trolling you.


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      Re: favorite live album


      Peter Frampton - "Frampton Comes Alive!"


      Earth, Wind & Fire - "Gratitude"

      on DVD:

      Lee Ritenour - "Overtime"


      Allison Krauss and Union Station: Live



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        Re: favorite live album

        Originally posted by andykriech View Post

        Peter Frampton - "Frampton Comes Alive!"
        You did ask for favorite, not Best Recorded. Lots of good memories with this one!
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          Re: favorite live album

 at the hammersmith odeon '75


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            Re: favorite live album

            The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East
            Boz Scaggs - Greatest Hits Live
            Diana Krall Live in Paris
            Santana - Sacred Fire
            Pretenders - The Isle Of View

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              Re: favorite live album

              I'm not a fan of "live" albums. Try as they may, recording engineers just don't seem to be able to capture the energy of a live show. And that's not intended as a slam, there's just too many variables at a live venue to "get it right". But Peter Frampton "Frampton Comes Alive", Jimi Hendrix "Band of Gypsy's", Little Feat "Waiting for Columbus" and Grand Funk "Grand Funk Live", make the cut for me.
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                Re: favorite live album

                2 best recorded live albums I have:

                Diana Krall: Live in Paris

                Rodrigo y Gabriela: Live in Japan

                That said- I also enjoy:

                Dream Theater: Live Scenes from New York, Once in a Livetime
                Genesis: Live/The Way We Walk
                Joe Satriani: Live in San Fransisco

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                  Re: favorite live album

                  Two oldies -

                  Triumph-Stages - Japanese 2000+ remastering is what I have and it is far better than others; it also contains Allied Forces found on the original vinyl album, though not on the subsequent 80's CD.

                  Pink Floyd-Pulse. Need I say more?

                  One newer effort -

                  Rush-R30 - saw them on this tour and this CD is a good representation of the playing, as is the 2.0 DVD mix. The DVD 5.1 mix is not good sonically. Rush in Rio is a close second from this band, though the sound quality there is also bad.

                  I enjoy live albums greatly, as they quickly separate the good bands with true musicians in them from the studio-produced "wonders".


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                    Re: favorite live album

                    Here are two that capture the era for me:

                    Mountain - Live

                    Head East - Live on Stage


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                      Re: favorite live album

                      I have very few live albums but I like this one best:

                      Foo Fighters - Skin And Bones
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                        Re: favorite live album

                        Alice in Chains - Unplugged



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                          Re: favorite live album

                          I am going to agree with Little Feat's Waiting for Columbus. Even though there were a lot of overdubs in the studio, it still captures the feel great. Frampton Comes alive, just brings back so many good memories.


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                            Re: favorite live album

                            Of those not yet mentioned:

                            Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, et al., "The Rainbow Concert"
                            Natalie Merchant, "Live in Concert"
                            The Who, "Live at Leeds:
                            Sia, "Lady Croissant"
                            10,000 Maniacs, "Unplugged"


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                              Re: favorite live album

                              Old -- Deep Purple - "Made in Japan"

                              New -- Robert Randolph and the Family Band - "Live at the Wetlands"
                              Tall Boys
                              NRNP Computer Sub
                              The Boxers
                              The Hurricanes
                              The Baronettes