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Sub to go with Monitor Audio 225's

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  • Sub to go with Monitor Audio 225's

    I have a set of Monitor Audio Radius 225's for fronts, a Radius 180 for a center channel, and the receiver I'm using is a Marantz NR1501. (80% home theater, 20% music)
    I was thinking of building a pair of matching subs.
    I have an 80 watt/channel AudioSource Amp Two I'm not using for anything else.
    The instructions for Marantz said to turn off or set the crossover on the sub amp to it's highest level because it has a built in crossover for the sub output. So I was thinking about running the sub output from the Marantz to the AudioSource to power the two subs.

    Here is links to the Monitor Audio and AudioSource specs.

    Please let me know if this is a waste of time, or a good way to reuse some equipment and not have to buy a plate amp.
    This will be my second DIY speaker attempt. The first was 11 years ago; I built a set of 2 way's and a sub from plans designed by a friend. I have no experience with design, just building. Any thoughts and comments about driver size, enclosure type, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Sub to go with Monitor Audio 225's

    80 watts x2 would surely power a pair of passive Triskas. I would think that the volume gained by building it without the plate would change the tuning a bit, but you should be able to compensate by altering the mass on the PR's. I'm sure that you could model the difference in Jeff B's Woofer Box and Circuit Designer spreadsheet, or you could just build the box a hair smaller....

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      Re: Sub to go with Monitor Audio 225's

      I was planing on using a sealed design to keep things simple.
      This will be the first time i'll be working out the design and i don't know where to start.
      The front speakers i'm using seem to be rolling off at around 100 hz.
      What size driver would work best to get tight clean bass from 100 hz and down.
      What bottom range can I expect to get out of two sealed subs powered with 80 watt amps?


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        Re: Sub to go with Monitor Audio 225's

        Thanks Mark for the reply.
        I just found the Cerberus design and I think its what I'm looking for.
        I would like to make some changes so I started a new thread to ask the experienced builders a few questions.