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    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Most recent:

    Denon 2900 CDP
    Emotiva UPA-2
    DIY remote controlled OPA2134 preamp
    Acer AspireRevo 1600 with upgraded RAM (It realy is only in my system)

    Five months ago:

    Denon 2900
    155w KT88 Monoblocks
    Battery operated 6DJ8 preamp



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      Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

      Here is a hazy image from my phone.

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        Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

        Audio Research L3 Pre-Amp
        Threshold S200 amp
        Parasound Transport/Player
        Creek Phonostage
        Onkyo Integra Turntable
        Antique Sound Tube Amp (Kit)


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          Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

          Main HT:
          Yamaha RX-V2400 receiver
          Yamaha CDC-685 5-disc CD player (2nd source to run zone 2 out on the deck)
          Oppo DV-983H DVD
          Cable HD DVR

          Game room HT:
          Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver
          Oppo DV-980H DVD
          Cable HD

          Master bedroom system:
          Sony STR-DA1000ES receiver
          Sony DVP-NS3100ES DVD/SACD
          Yamaha CDC-697 5-Disc CD player
          Cable HD

          Study stereo system:
          Marantz 2250B receiver
          Sony CDP-209ES CD player

          Garage stereo system:
          Onkyo TX-800 receiver
          Sony DVP-NS57P DVD player (so I can play CDs and MP3 discs)


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            Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

            Music Server
            Squeezebox 3
            MHDT Labs Constantine DAC with PIO caps
            Aikido preamp 6N1P-7044 tubes
            1976 vintage Accuphase P300 beefy boy amp


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              Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

              Onkyo TX-SR875
              Oppo DV-980H
              Samsung HLT6187S
              Dish Network


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                Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                My audio room is dedicated for 2-channel playback ... and thus is very simple. My amps have plenty of gain so that a pre-amp isn't needed.

                Amp - D-Sonic Magnum 1000, 1000ASP based IcePower amp with heavy mods
                Source - XP laptop using ASIO and Foobar2000
                Alt Source - Linn Sondek LP12 Valhalla made in mid-80's
                Digitial Conversion - Emperical Audio Off-Ramp 3 USB convertor into a modded Xindak DAC-5
                Power Center - BPT CPC with lots of upgrades

                That's it. Laptop into USB convertor into DAC and straight into the amps. Volume control is done through Foobar.

                Here's a pic that shows the gear as used in our RMAF 2008 room. In this case we used a Tact 2.2 Mini as a DAC and pre so that we could switch to spinning discs for people that bring their own demo disc.

                Vapor Audio


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                  Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                  Main system:

                  Scratch-Built single ended 300B w/ passive pre-amp. No surround sound for me - no sir!

                  Scratch-Built single ended 2A3 amp has been religated to PC speaker service:

                  Kenwood 100 WPC reciever in the garage for when I need LOUD (the S/W plate amp is long since dead):


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                    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                    Only one room of HT stuff...

                    Pioneer surround receiver (c. 1999, on it's last days, because a ...)
                    Onkyo TX-SR707 (... arrived yesterday, but still in box)
                    Oppo DV-980H DVD/SACD
                    SA 8300HDC cable/DVR
                    PS/3 (my son's...)
                    Wii (his parents')
                    Sony DVD (don't recall model)
                    Sony 34XBR970 HD CRT TV
                    ... and a bunch of HDMI cables.

                    I will note that the 707 will greatly curtail my speaker building for a while as I can't afford to buy drivers, even as I now need to build more speakers and sub for the jump to 7.2....

                    Have fun,


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                      Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                      Toshiba NB205 Netbook with Rhapsody
                      SMC SMCWAA-G EZ-Stream
                      Sirius Streamer GT Radio
                      Insignia HD Radio
                      Marantz CD-63SE CD Player
                      Pioneer PL-L1000 tangentially tracking turntable
                      BSR McDonald 310 record changer

                      (As you can see, I like to choose from many sources)

                      All fed into a MCM 50-772 Preamp (w phono input) which in turn feeds in to a Dayton DTA-100 T-Amp (driving Klipsch KG 4.2 speakers in a very large room).


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                        Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                        Man, drooling over the Cambridge 840 is perfectly long as none gets into it! I have 3 current systems, but the living room set-up will be changed as soon as I have the appropriate funds saved (pretty soon). Living room:
                        Yamaha HTR-5240 receiver (only used for 2-channel)
                        Technics SL-PG100 MASH CD player
                        Yamaha KX-390 HX Pro cassette deck
                        Yamaha YP-211 turtable w/Grado cartridge
                        Audio Control D-11 EQ/analyzer

                        Family room:
                        Yamaha CR-420 receiver
                        Yamaha TC-511S cassette deck
                        Teac A-4010S reel-to-reel
                        PS2 for CD's

                        Sherwood receiver (so old the model # is worn off, kind of a cheapie found at a second-hand store).
                        'Coustic car stereo with 5 amp power supply for all the cassettes I still own.

                        I'll be upgrading to some Cambridge components for the living room:
                        340 integrated amp
                        340 tuner
                        340 CD player
                        540 phono pre-amp

                        The Yammie HTR will go to my sister, the Technics CD will go to the family room CR-420 system, and the Yamaha TC-511S cassette will go to the e-recycler (the motor bearing is shot and can't be replaced). Definitely 2-channel, though. I don't watch hardly any movies, so having the HTR isn't needed. Music is what mostly comes through my speakers, with the occasional astronomy documentary and select anime', so I'm like chad1376: no surround, no sir! The CR-420 was bought in '77, along with the YP-211turntable/Grado cartridge, used with the Speakerlab S2's I built that same year. I got the Technics MASH & Audio Control D-11 in '92. I had that set-up until the late 90's when I got the HTR and the KX cassette deck.

                        John A.
                        "Children play with b-a-l-l-s and sticks, men race, and real men race motorcycles"-John Surtees
                        Emotiva UPA-2, USP-1, ERC-1 CD
                        Yamaha KX-390 HX-Pro
                        Pioneer TX-9500 II
                        Yamaha YP-211 w/Grado GF3E+
                        Statement Monitors
                        Vintage system: Yamaha CR-420, Technics SL-PG100, Pioneer CT-F8282, Akai X-1800, Morel(T)/Vifa(W) DIY 2-way in .5 ft3


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                          Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                          Interesting thread... lotta cool stuff out there!

                          As I type (hey, it's my lunch hour!)

                          Work System: (good thing I'm in a separate lab from others!)

                          PC, Creative USB X-Fi sound card
                          Modified Reckhorn F1 crossover (for mains HP, sub LP)
                          Pair of Envisionelec's (Aaron's) EZ-Amps LM3886 monoblocks :D
                          Zaph's Budget Monitors
                          Roman's Cerebus sub (W6-1136/PE 70W)

                          Home Music System:

                          Sony XDR F1 HD tuner, or
                          Crappy DVD/CD player but used as a digital out, or
                          PC running above X-Fi card, used as digital out
                          Twisted Pear Buffalo I DAC :D
                          Beringer A500 125W/chan amp
                          Modula MT's

                          Not at the moment, but usually also:
                          Beringer "BFD" (DSP EQ for sub)
                          RSS315 sealed sub/PE 240W


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                            Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                            Integra DTC 9.8 pro.

                            Outlaw 7500 amp.

                            Sony BDP-S550

                            Sony ES cd player

                            Forte d/a converter

                            I was in love with my outlaw 7500 untill I dug my old HK pa 2400 out of a box a few days ago. the HK has a mutch softer sound (almost tube like) than the ouwtlaw. I couldn't enjoy it for very long though as it blew up after about 20 minites of moderate volume, pushing my sunflowers!
                            "The defintion of Insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein


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                              Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                              Main system:
                              • Oppo BDP-83 for SACD/DVD-A/Blu-Ray/DVD
                              • Apple AirPort Express for non-surround audio, streaming from nearfield system computer
                              • Bang and Olufsen RX-2 for vinyl
                              • Denon AVR-4308ci/A ("A" for feature-upgrade to Audyssey DynamicEQ)
                              • Velodyne SMS-1
                              • Plate amps in subs
                              • Harmony One universal remote

                              Nearfield system:
                              • Samsung DVD-HD841 for SACD/DVD-A
                              • rev. A 17" Apple iMac w/ Intel Core Duo for everything else
                              • Denon AVR-3808ci/A ("A" for feature-upgrade to Audyssey DynamicEQ)
                              • Dayton HP-SA1000 sub amp

                              Bedroom "system": Tannoy i30 iPod dock


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                                Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

                                Main HT System:
                                • Anthem AVM 30 Pro
                                • Rotel RMB-1095 Amp
                                • Oppo DV-983H DVD Player
                                • Panasonic DMP-BD80 BR Player
                                • Onkyo Z431 CD Player
                                • Behringer EP 2500 Sub Amp
                                • Elemental Designs EQ2 w/Sampson S-Convert