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    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Cheap and Cheerful Hi-Fi-

    Toshiba A-55 Laptop-Running Winamp,VST Host(EQ plugins),ASIO drivers

    Behringer UCA-222 USB DAC

    Sony CD/DVD Player (Wal-Mart,no model number)

    Sherwood RX 4105

    Tritrix(What Else??)

    The wife's amazed at how good it sounds for what I have invested!!!



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      Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

      When I started using a Squeezebox I found the sound of the analog outputs was inferior to the sound of even an inexpensive disk player like my Oppo. So when I upgraded players I chose the Cambridge Audio 840C because of its digital inputs. The 840C has a good dac inside, making it a good match for a Squeezebox's digital output. I've since gotten an iPod and I'm considering the Wadia iPod dock for the same reason. The full system includes the Squeezebox, the Cambridge Audio 840C, a Krell KAV400xi integrated amp, and any of several speakers I store in the extra bedroom.


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        Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear


        marantz CD5003 going to PM8003, both protected by a furman surge protecter and line conditioner. Not sure how much the furman does but offer peace of mind


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          Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

          Living room, two channel seperates baby!
          Sony DVP-S7000 for CD playback. Sony built this flagship player with a ES class audio section which gives it quite good sound in stock form. The audio board has been modded with Nichicon KZ & FG caps and more modern op amps and a few other tricks. Hearing is believing and it sounds great.

          Technics SL-1200mk-II with a Ratshack RTX-6 cart. Properly set up, it's a helluva TT. Who wants to download MP3's when you can buy Vintage vinyl for a buck? Can't wait to get a really good cartridge on there.

          Onkyo P3300 pre-amp. Upgraded some caps inside, added real gold-plated RCA chassis jacks for the CD input and amp-outs, Sounds a little better, but was actually pretty good to start with.

          McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe Edition power amp. Great amp. When people say Audiophile amps sound better, they means amps like these. I was moving some things around and the "lil' Mac" got a severe knock and won't come out of the protection mode which brings me to....

          Yamaha MX-830. An old-school, vintage bruiser. Went inside and re-capped it with Nichicon caps, a beefy power cord, gold plated RCA input jacks. Also installed some decent binding posts and wired them directly to the amp circuit board. It's a STEREO amp and I'm only driving TWO speakers! All that extra junk in there for switching 3 pairs of speakers will not be needed :D

          Bedroom: Sony STR-DA925, hasn't skipped a beat since the day I got it.
          Sony DVP-S7000 DVD for CD playback. Like my other one ES class audio for real low $$


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            Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

            Outlaw Audio 990 Pre/Pro
            Emotiva UPA-7 Amplifier
            Hughes HR-23 DVR
            Emotiva ERC-1 CD Player
            Samsung BDP-1600 BluRay Player
            50" Panasonic Plasma
            Belkin PureAV Home Theater Power Console PF31 Surge suppressor