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  • ClosetSciFiGeek
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Outlaw Audio 990 Pre/Pro
    Emotiva UPA-7 Amplifier
    Hughes HR-23 DVR
    Emotiva ERC-1 CD Player
    Samsung BDP-1600 BluRay Player
    50" Panasonic Plasma
    Belkin PureAV Home Theater Power Console PF31 Surge suppressor

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  • natediggidy
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Living room, two channel seperates baby!
    Sony DVP-S7000 for CD playback. Sony built this flagship player with a ES class audio section which gives it quite good sound in stock form. The audio board has been modded with Nichicon KZ & FG caps and more modern op amps and a few other tricks. Hearing is believing and it sounds great.

    Technics SL-1200mk-II with a Ratshack RTX-6 cart. Properly set up, it's a helluva TT. Who wants to download MP3's when you can buy Vintage vinyl for a buck? Can't wait to get a really good cartridge on there.

    Onkyo P3300 pre-amp. Upgraded some caps inside, added real gold-plated RCA chassis jacks for the CD input and amp-outs, Sounds a little better, but was actually pretty good to start with.

    McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe Edition power amp. Great amp. When people say Audiophile amps sound better, they means amps like these. I was moving some things around and the "lil' Mac" got a severe knock and won't come out of the protection mode which brings me to....

    Yamaha MX-830. An old-school, vintage bruiser. Went inside and re-capped it with Nichicon caps, a beefy power cord, gold plated RCA input jacks. Also installed some decent binding posts and wired them directly to the amp circuit board. It's a STEREO amp and I'm only driving TWO speakers! All that extra junk in there for switching 3 pairs of speakers will not be needed :D

    Bedroom: Sony STR-DA925, hasn't skipped a beat since the day I got it.
    Sony DVP-S7000 DVD for CD playback. Like my other one ES class audio for real low $$

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  • ssyfert
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear


    marantz CD5003 going to PM8003, both protected by a furman surge protecter and line conditioner. Not sure how much the furman does but offer peace of mind

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  • FredT
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    When I started using a Squeezebox I found the sound of the analog outputs was inferior to the sound of even an inexpensive disk player like my Oppo. So when I upgraded players I chose the Cambridge Audio 840C because of its digital inputs. The 840C has a good dac inside, making it a good match for a Squeezebox's digital output. I've since gotten an iPod and I'm considering the Wadia iPod dock for the same reason. The full system includes the Squeezebox, the Cambridge Audio 840C, a Krell KAV400xi integrated amp, and any of several speakers I store in the extra bedroom.

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  • Steve
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Cheap and Cheerful Hi-Fi-

    Toshiba A-55 Laptop-Running Winamp,VST Host(EQ plugins),ASIO drivers

    Behringer UCA-222 USB DAC

    Sony CD/DVD Player (Wal-Mart,no model number)

    Sherwood RX 4105

    Tritrix(What Else??)

    The wife's amazed at how good it sounds for what I have invested!!!


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  • diru
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Originally posted by MusicForMatt View Post

    Is the wirewrapping yours or Onkyo's? Just curious...


    But, I have been known to rewrap things back to original.

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  • MusicForMatt
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear


    Is the wirewrapping yours or Onkyo's? Just curious...

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  • jimofoakcreek
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    All I need is a Dell Netbook, a PS Audio Digital Link 3 DAC and a PS Audio C-100 int amp.

    They drive a pair of DIY speakers (RS180, 27TDFC 0.5 cu ft ported enclosure) designed by Jay Kim.


    Review: Lontano (Audio CD) by Tomasz Stanko Quartet ECM 2006 1. Lontano, Part1 12:50 2. Cyrhla 7:04 3. Song For Ania 7:39 4. Kattorna ...
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  • diru
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Onkyo P-304 power supply mods

    Denon DCM-777 power supply, D/A and output stage mods

    Aragon 8008x3 stock
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  • kevinr
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Rega P2 turntable with Elys cart
    Bellari tube phono preamp
    Marantz 5001 CD player
    Musical Fidelity V-DAC
    Nuera 3403SE-A Class A tube amp
    ART 355 31 band stereo graphic eq
    Sony Minidisc 510 and 330
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  • scottsehlin
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    All-in-all way too much stuff... Gotta keep as many speakers in service as possible :D

    Main 2-channel rig:

    WDTV Live with external HD for FLACs
    Modded Toshiba SD-3960 DVD Player
    Monarchy DIP 24/96
    Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC/Pre
    Samson S-Convert (their version of the cleanbox - no LF rolloff issues)
    Samson SX-2400 amp
    Parasound SIPS-140 speaker selector
    Matrix TMWW (Neo3PDR, Neo8, RS150T x 2)
    Other speakers for auditioning/tweaking/development.

    Basement AV Setup:

    Toshiba SD-3950 DVD Player
    JVC RS-EX1SL Receiver
    Velvet Hammers (Adire Extremis 6.8, Seas T25-001)

    Main Level AV Setup:

    Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player
    Mitsubishi HS-U746 VCR
    JVC RX-DV31 DVD/receiver
    RS150/Neo3PDR main speakers
    Prototype TC Sounds 10" sub (2 cu. ft. ported box, PE 300W BASH amp).

    Bedroom System:

    Sansa E260 w/Griffin Sansa dock
    Sharp SD-HX500 Panel Theater
    NEAR indoor/outdoor speakers (temporary until next small speaker build).

    Kid's Bedroom

    Sansa Fuze w/Griffin Sansa dock
    JVC FS-X3 mini system
    Hawkeyes (Vifa MG14, Vifa XT25)

    Kid's Bedroom

    Sansa Fuze w/Griffin Sansa dock
    Kenwood KA-5700 Integrated Amp
    RS150/Seas 27TBFC MT's

    Office Computer

    Alesis M1 Active monitors. (eventually moving to small amp & a TBD speaker project)

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  • djarchow
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Oppo BDP-83
    Sony XA20ES single disk CD
    Escient Fireball media server for multiroom and internet radio
    Sony 777ES 200 disk DVD/CD changer for multiroom audio
    Anthem AVM30 pre/pro
    Krell KAV-1500 amplifier



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  • tom_s
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Yamaha DVD S2500. A POS in every sense of the word. Worst money I've ever spent on any audio equipment - EVER.
    I think we all have had purchases like that. I have a Sony 5 disc DVD/SACD player that has 60v (very low current) riding on the chassis and audio ground. That POS fried the op-amps in a DAC before I figured out what that very slight burning smell was!

    My system is always in flux but here are the usual suspects -
    Acer 1410 netbook as music server
    Old Luxman D-351 CD player
    Cheap long optical cable
    Sonic Frontiers TransDAC or Musical Fidelity DAC
    Either an Onkyo TX-SR505 or Parasound SPS1000/HCA1000
    RS180/B&G Neo3PDR mini-towers or MCM 55-2185/TBD.

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  • waynew
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    Here Goes.

    2 Channel Set Up:
    Parasound Halo P3 Preamp
    Parasound Halo A23 Amp
    Jolida 302A w/ EL 34 Mullard Tubes and JJ Teslas
    Marantz 4001 CD

    HT Setup in Family Room
    Sony ES 2000
    Sony 55" LCD
    Toshiba DVD Burner

    HT Set up for Kids in Den:
    Sony Trinitron 35" (hard for kids to hurt that big tube!!!)
    Sony ES 1000
    Sony DVD (can't remember model Number)

    Living Room:
    Marantz 2230
    Technics AC/3 Decoder SH AC300
    Sony SCD SE775 Super Audio

    Deck System:
    Radio Shack Modified Accurian Amp

    Garage System:
    Emerson Boom Box with super awesome tapeplayer and 3" paper drivers...Hahahaha. So much sawdust in it, I am not sure the tape player even works anymore

    Office System:
    Technics SA-TX50
    Sony CDP-C365
    Scrappy's and a Kenwood 10" powered Sub (overkill...yes. The look on a persons face when they don't know I have a sub in my office, priceless)

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  • Face
    Re: Post Your Audio Front-End Gear

    2 Channel:
    Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2, Wyred 4 Sound ST-500, Mapletree Line 2A(modded).

    HT/2 Channel:
    HTPC, Peachtree Nova, Wyred 4 Sound STI-500, 5 Channel Gainclone, Onkyo 707.

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