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ZX Spectrum: HiVi M6A + BG Neo3 PDRW

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    I guess I thought I was picking this design out as something that was proven. Maybe not built often, but looked interesting.

    Originally posted by buggers View Post
    Make sure the specifications for the drivers you just got line up with the old ones, otherwise there will be issues...
    Take some pics
    I'm coming up dry on anything to compare behind basic specs. I don't think there is anything different. There have been copies of these drivers and PE currently carries some of the copies. Those guys over on AudioCircle seem to have more insght.

    Originally posted by fjhuerta View Post
    1) Open baffle, the Neo3 PDR extends its frequency response a bit lower, but I still wouldn't use it much (if any) below 2 KHz.

    2) I tried surface mounting and recessed mounting. The good news is, there's not much difference. The bad news is - the big thing here is the ragged FR of the Neo3 PDR itself. It's not smooth at all. The only time I thought this was a world class unit was when I used EQ on it via my MiniDSP. I'm currently using my Neo3 design with the MiniDSP and I love it. But I could never design a proper passive filter that was as neutral and transparent as I wanted to.

    Here's the closest I could get to neutral back then.

    These are my current speakers.
    I had stumbled on that thread when I was poking around. You say open baffle did you mean remove the back cup on the neo3? The ZX spectrum is not an open baffle design. I was hoping Paul or someone else who has built these would chime in about the back-cup.

    Your meniscus mounting plates look good in the thread. The current ones on their site seem to show 8 thru holes though so I am confused by that.


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      This speaker was designed to use the Neo3 PDRW with the back cup. My only concern is if manufacturer specifications have changed. It's been quite a long time since I've used one of those tweeters.

      As for mounting, I think you'll be good whether you surface mount or flush mount. It's a speaker meant to be listened in the farfield, so I don't think you'd really be able to tell which is which from a normal listening position.
      Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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        Thanks Paul. I'll be sure to post if I end up making them. I might buy a microphone for some measurements too.

        Part of me is still thinking about making the swope 3 way tower because I like the look. The ability to use the knockdown cabinet is nice for the ZX spectrum though, and the neo3 should be interesting.