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Measurements on the Mackie HR624 mkII

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    Re: Measurements on the Mackie HR624 mkII

    Well, the Mackie just loses it over 10kHz off axis. The Behringer retains a smoother and more consistent off axis treble response, by a substantial margin.

    Again, for the typical (near-field) use of these monitors, this is irrelevant. But quite a few people seem to be using the Behringer as a budget mid or far-field speaker now, so this dispersion does become a factor in that application. From your FR graphs, there really is not much difference in overall smoothness of response between the Mackie and Behringer B2030P/B2031P.

    I would have liked to see a waterfall with 3msec time window, and 27-30dB actual resolution from the floor of the graph. Also, I would like to see a mid or far field response so I can see the actual lower mid-range to bass range curve.



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      Re: Measurements on the Mackie HR624 mkII

      You'd be amazed at how little that top octave comes into play--or at least I was/am. I plan on doing some more measurements in a few days. Below 200Hz, it's room influence(dominated really) anyway esp far field. Today I'm building bass traps.

      I'm surprised that the general consensus seems to be polar response is useless for near field. I do a fair bit of recording and to me it seems at least as important as for any other distance. Interesting.

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