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    I'm looking to build a version of a "Foxpro" unit used to recreate animal calls but I dont hunt nearly enough to spend 500 on a specifically designed unit. I have limited knowledge of building speaker systems but I am a generally tech savy. I saw this piece "Pyle PSP8 5" Reflex Round Speaker Horn" which has a 2.5 mm jack, perfect for my idea to attach preloaded sounds on my Ipod. Im wondering however if the Ipod will provide enough power for this application or if I need to find something else that I can run a small amp to first.

    I plan to use one of the giant gas station mugs to set the speaker into and then epoxy it for a water tight seal, then use the mug top as my access to my Ipod and amp if i need it.

    Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

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    Re: Fox Call

    You will need an external amplifier to power the horn properly. A Dayton DTA-1 will provide plenty of power, and will take an input from an iPod. It also has the ability to run completely from battery power, though it includes an AC adapter. Its outputs are spring clips, so take a length of ordinary 2-conductor speaker wire and solder one end into this connector for the Pyle horn: 090-295 (note that the internal metal body unscrews and slides out to allow soldering of the leads). Then hook the horn up via this adapter cable to one channel of the DTA-1.

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