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Can this be used in a three way

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  • Can this be used in a three way

    Just saw this driver. I'm not sure whether it is a good price or not. The specs seem relatively decent. Would it work in a 3 way? What mid would you recommend to work in the configuration?



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    Re: Can this be used in a three way

    Possibly. Looks more like a car sub to me. You might get it down to 40 Hz in a 20 liter box. You'd probably have to cross it at 250 or less, and you'd probably need a 2 ohm stable proamp to drive a 3 way if you can keep the impedance up at all. Passive you'd be looking at some big coils & caps.

    You'd probably get more usable bass out of an RS-225
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      Re: Can this be used in a three way

      The 830500 is an excellent driver (Linkwitz uses it in his Thor sub). In order to mate with it, you'll basically need to build a two-way that can reach down to 100Hz. There are plenty of proven designs that will do that. I recommend one that uses a sealed (non-ported) woofer.