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    Re: Before I screw up....

    nice project!!!
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      Re: Before I screw up....

      Originally posted by PWR RYD View Post
      Yes these are indeed the Peerless 835004 buyout 6.5" drivers ($10 each). This is Lou C.'s LECBOS design. I built them almost exactly to his design specifications except they have a 1/4" wider baffle and I gave the baffles a 1/2" roundover. I have to say, I was driving them hard for about an hour this afternoon and they just kept sounding better. They were designed by Lou to be wall mounted (very little baffle step comp) and that is the way I intend on mounting them in my garage. Right now I am listening to them in my living room and they are about 12" from the back wall... and I am still pleased with their low end performance Midbass and midrange is excellent. Nothing to complain about these guys.
      I think I may need to order 2 more and do a TMM or something. Well, that and get some real measurements on the tweeter. I still have to redo alot of stuff on mine, they won't be done forever it seems sometimes.

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        Re: Before I screw up....

        I believe the Peerless 835004 is no longer available. Same with the tweeter.

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