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    Hellooo! I just wanted to introduce myself...

    My name is Sanjay and been a long time shopper of parts express but new to the forum. I've never built my own speakers nor do I possess any real woodworking skills, however I do work for an AV firm in Bellevue, WA of where I am a drafter/designer of complex commercial AV systems.

    It's just a matter of time before I undertake my first build.

    This is a recent pic of me and my Movember mustache.

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    Re: New member to the forum

    Rockin' moustache. I love No Shave November.

    No woodworking skills? The prefab cabinets from PE are fantastic, just a little spendy. Nothing looks more pro than a machined fit and finish. I, for the first time after building dozens of cabs with so-so finishes, will be using a set on my next (un?)build.

    Welcome, and good luck ever stopping DIYing speakers...


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      Re: New member to the forum


      Looking forward to seeing what project becomes your first.
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        Re: New member to the forum

        Welcome to the asylum!
        Hug-me jackets are optional here!!! :D
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          Re: New member to the forum

          Sweeeeet outfit!


          Oh, welcome, and build big speakers, small speakers suck... ;):D
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            Re: New member to the forum

            Originally posted by fwater View Post
            Rockin' moustache. I love No Shave November.
            November? Hell I haven't shaved since late September. A bunch of us guys at work are starting to make the office look like a reunion of Grizzly Adams impersonators. Flannel Shirt Friday only drives the point home even more. Or we all just look like Norm Abrams. :D Which reminds me, I need to find a tie for Tie Tuesday. Or are we doing Thai Tuesday next week?

            Anyway, welcome to the festival Sanjay. It's not a crazy in here as it used to be but it's still a good bunch of folk.

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              Re: New member to the forum


              I am rocking by ususal September-May Beard. Not quote as stylish.

              Believe none of what you see and 1/2 of what you read. :p

              It gets ugly sometimes, but at the end of the day everyone posseses great knowledge, and its all for the good of DIY. So, welcome!


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                Re: New member to the forum

                Welcome Sanjay. Great crowd here.


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                  Re: New member to the forum

                  Greetings, I was new here about 3 years back - Now all these Gentlemen have gotten me hooked. [See it is nice to blame someone else for my nuttiness] I bet you will really be glad you found this place where all are willing and enjoy sharing their knowledge . I started slow on building but now working on the Zaph ZDT 3.5 Its a good place to learn. You may notice sometimes at night someone will open up a "chat room" . I have learned a lot there just listening .

                  Glad you have joined in. Good Luck

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                    Re: New member to the forum

                    Originally posted by shawn_a View Post
                    November? Hell I haven't shaved since late September.
                    Ha, I haven't shaved since 1979! (But I do trim it a little each week.)


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                      Re: New member to the forum

                      Welcome! I live here in WA also, down by Chehalis. I started hanging around this place over 10 years ago now. I've learned a wealth of information, especially about NOT using pre-made or textbook formula crossovers. I've made some excellent friends here, Shawn A. is one. Living in WA means I don't get to any of the midwest/east coast DIY get-togethers. If you're looking for a first-time project, the hardest part can be choosing just one from the many excellent designs. Nothing wrong with starting with a proven and tested will show you how good DIY speakers can be compared to retail offerings, even the budget-type projects. If you've lived around here for a while, I used to work for Norm Corwin at The Stereo Shoppe, in both the Olympia and Tacoma (Lakewood) stores. Now I get folks bringing over their commercial speakers to do side-by-sides with some of the DIY designs I have here. Fun stuff. I'm one of those that have only built other-peoples-projects, unless you count the subwoofers I've done on my own. I haven't got to the point of designing XO's from scratch yet. Sounds like you have a solid background, so DIY'ing speakers is right up your alley. If you don't have any woodworking tools yet, no problem. PE and some other companies offer some real nice pre-made cabinets of varying sizes. The PE ones are especially nice, both with the finishes that are available and the solid construction. Let us know if you have any ?'s or need advice. There's more background experiences/info about me at my blogs.

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