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  • Statements question

    I have acquired a pair of already built enclosures that a friend of mine was going to use for something he has forgotten now . . . they have been sitting in his garage for a few years now. External dims are 47" by 11" by 14" (HWD) and are build using 3/4" MDF sides and back and a 1" thick hardwood removable baffle. No braces have been installed (yet . . . easy to do with the removable front) and internal volume comes to 88.5 liters (3.125^3ft).

    Could these enclosures be modified into a pair of full size statements? Curt suggests on his site that with the new non-shielded drivers, a volume of 80 liters should be used rather than the original 100 liters required for the older drivers. When taking out the volume required for the mids I think I'm getting pretty close. I would of course want to add bracing.

    Secondly, I would want to build these as a MTMWW rather than a WMTMW in order to keep the tweeter more at ear level. Would this be a bad move or should I just stick with the original config and build some stands?

    If this is all around a bad idea, what other suggestions do you have for these enclosures?

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    Re: Statements question

    There are a couple of things I think you'll have a problem with. The actual net volume of the cabinet after subtracting the volume for the two mid tunnels, bracing and volume the drivers themselves take up, I think you'll be closer to 70 liters net for the woofers. This is still doable with port length adjustment.

    I think the real show stopper is rearranging the drivers. I'd suggest you consider the RS 3-way as an alternative. I've built it and its a very nice design that sounds great. There are a number of crossovers available but Dennis Murphy's crossover was the one that was built and developed on actual speakers.

    It should fit your needs well.



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      Re: Statements question

      What are the optimal foam/dampening materials for both the main enclosure and the mid tunnels?