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Epic Sound Speaker System

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  • Epic Sound Speaker System

    I got for a present a set of Speakers "Epic Sound" which electronically-soundwise
    are a joke, but estetically, are very nice builded. So I'am here asking you the experts, if you think is worth to replace the two mids, plus a tweeter (shown here), to make these tower speker really sound as they look, they blend perfectly with my living room, but the sound quality is not good, plus the tweeters are blown. Here are a couple of pictures.;

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    Re: Epic Sound Speaker System

    So you're wanting to convert some "white van speakers" to something legitimate?

    Can you post pics and dimensions of the cabinet, chances are nothing it saveable but the boxes themselves.


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      Re: Epic Sound Speaker System

      Centaurojz, I'm going to jump in and say you should probably forget trying to make anything of these speakers. You don't know how the cab was designed (probably very poorly) and what it's tuned to, how its panels will resonate, etc., and how any drivers you aren't replacing are integrating with the cabinet. I'd take whatever money you were going to spend on new drivers for the cabinets and put it toward a completely new build where you're responsible for the whole widget instead of trying to polish a turd.

      If you need an alibi for getting rid of these speakers, you could say they fell into a swimming pool and were ruined...
      Best Regards,

      Rory Buszka

      Taterworks Audio

      "The work of the individual still remains the spark which moves mankind ahead, even more than teamwork." - Igor I. Sikorsky

      If it works, but you don't know why it works, then you haven't done any engineering.


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        Re: Epic Sound Speaker System

        I have to agree with the others. You'll be farther ahead if you put the money you were going to spend towards this kit --->

        This is such a great deal, it's difficult for a newcomer to appreciate it.