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How is this done in PCD?

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  • How is this done in PCD?

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    Re: How is this done in PCD?

    Originally posted by gowa View Post
    In the section between the main XO section, and the parallel section. There are two networks that allow you to accomplish that layout.
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      Re: How is this done in PCD?

      If you look at the tab labelled Printout, you will see the layout for where each of the entered values on the Main tab would go. You will know which label to use for each from the comment in the box for the entered values on the Main tab. (I attempted to attach some pics, hopefully they attached).
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        Re: How is this done in PCD?

        I believe that would go in this section: Select Topology to be in Series
        Before or After LP Filter. As Pete said it is between the main section and the parallel section, just select the "Parallel RC Contour Filter" topology.


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