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DIYMO #2, the next STL DIY June 4th

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  • DIYMO #2, the next STL DIY June 4th

    Regardless of the surprise late March 5 inch snowfall, the first St Louis DIY was a success ... and lots of fun! I plan on hosting these informal DIY's and listening sessions fairly regularly, and June 4th is looking like a good time for the next one. Here's pics from the first one btw:

    The first one, I came up a few days short of having a few killer designs ready ... but not this next one! I guarantee there will be a couple things here that will blow your mind, and as always lots of neat stuff you don't get to see often. For instance I'll for sure have here:

    A pair of Cirrus - RAAL and AudioTech in the translam cab
    My 10" waveguide, open baffle Seas W22EX, Peerless 835017 3-way

    Another design I've been comissioned to build that might be here, or might have been shipped to the customer before then is a Beyma TPL-150/H and Acoustic Elegance TD10M bookshelf in a translam cabinet. Can you say 118db out of a 1.2cu/ft bookshelf ... with all the 'audiophile' voicing goodness.

    I've also been comissioned to build a 3-way version of the Cirrus, using an Accuton C90 midrange and an 8" woofer instead of the standard 7" AT. That design should be ready for voicing by June.

    Instead of 2 rooms, I'll have 3 rooms setup for the June meet. And I expect more people will show with their own designs, so we'll have the extra room to use for swapping them in and out.

    Anybody interested in coming, try and reply here so I have an idea of what to expect.
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    Re: DIYMO #2, the next STL DIY June 4th

    Here's what's going to debut there as well, by master craftsman, Ed Rosenquist (D,Rose).

    Look familiar? The MiniByzy, 20" tall, 11" at the base, and 16" deep when baffle is applied. Rear mounted woofer and tweeter, with removable baffle with integral 7" waveguide carved into some kind of hardwood (to be decided on what moves Ed when he's in the hardwood store).

    Tentative Driver compliment, Usher 8948A, RS28F. Vent on the bottom baffle. Epoxy/HDF sandwich, pre-stressed, curved panels for the sides, rear/top. Vinyl/aluminum damping on interior walls sealed in acoustic dampening paint. 2" Mineral wool acoustic panels on the sides, bottom and rear.

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