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    Later this summer a friend and I are to begin a second set of cabinets for a system he designed that uses Epicure woofers and tweeters. We did a set for him last year and the next set is a modification of the first. His boxes are about 18"X18"x72" and contain 4 woofers and 4 tweeters each. The next set is to be tapered. The bases will be about 22" square, the tops 14" square, and the overall height will again be 72".

    We used MDF with corner posts on the first set and veneered the 4 side panels. This next set may be simpler in that there may not be corner posts if we use MDF again, just a generous radius. However, I have been using Advantech in various cabinets for several years and like it, especially the 1 1/8". I frequently bag it with a 5.5 mm luan underlayment skin and then veneer over the luan to avoid print through of the Advantech surface, although, I have veneered directly on the Advantech without print through as well. I'd prefer to use Advantech and corner posts, but have no data to support this choice vs. sticking with MDF, which I prefer to avoid. It seems senseless to me to build anything that could easily self destroy with a bit of water.

    I have checked the web for data on the acoustic characteristics of Advantech vs. MDF, but find very little conclusive. I wonder if anyone has experience using Advantech and a sense of the comparative acoustic characteristics of it and MDF, or if perhaps, there is a lab I could send samples for evaluation? In fact, it would be great to find a way to have panels of various materials evaluated, or figure out an evaluation system to build.

    Thanks, tna

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    Re: Advantech for Cabinets

    Believe it or not, after all the scientific tests on every aspect of building speakers, it all comes down to the old "knuckle rap" test. Take 2 boxes, one of mdf and the other of plywood or whatever, and rap with your knuckle. You want a higher and softer ring. Add braces until you are satisfied, and you're done.

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