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  • speaker software

    What is the best free software to attempt to use? What has good support?


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    Re: speaker software

    PCD by Jeff Bagby


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      Re: speaker software

      You'll also need to get familiar with Response Modeler and Unibox.
      See the sticky thread at the top of this forum and read about
      modeling and simulation.

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        Re: speaker software

        Thanks for the replies. I tried working with speaker workshop awhile back with a spare puter, but it wasn't stable enough. I have a new HTPC, but I want to use it for media use only. Anyway, I recently got a used laptop for free and I just successfully loaded win 7 and ubuntu on it. Anyway, without trying to rant, I wanted to try again. I have a few spare drivers I think will work together.

        I haven't had a chance to read up on everything, but if its all excel based, can it actually measure anything, or just model pre-measured drivers?


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          Re: speaker software

          PCD is not a measurement software, it is for modeling files you already have.
          Thanks ,