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  • Wood Pairing Ideas

    Anybody have a good resource for ideas about wood pairing?

    For instance, Walnut was recommended as a nice contrast to Mahogany for the project below:

    I'm looking for ideas, possibly for Teak, but am not finding what I want...

    I searched for a thread on the topic and could not find one, yet I've seen many great pairings in the past. Please share both links to ideas sites or pictures of your projects...


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    Re: Wood Pairing Ideas

    I've noticed that many people who make/restore/refinish guitars are quite creative... Not sure I'm up to flames... :D



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      Re: Wood Pairing Ideas

      For me I think about colors and what will work in my room (or whomever I’m building for) and how crazy I can go before my wife reigns me back in. Right now I’m doing scarlet red dye on oak with a back grain fill. Google ceruse finish and you should see some pretty cool ideas. The guitar guys seem to have a lock on creativity
      John H

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