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  • Name your top 3 favorite LPs

    After seeing the CD vs vinyl and all this talk about good vinyl, name your top three favorite highest quality sounding LPs. I'm wanting to get ideals of must have's, what to get next.

    My top three, not in any order.

    Norah Jones Not too late 200g
    Miles Davis Kind of Blue 200g Both of these seem to be NLA
    The Beatles Love 180g Limited production of 5000. Seems to still be available at musicdirect.

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    Re: Name your top 3 favorite LPs

    Three quick off the top of my head are Steely Dan "Katy Lied", Supertramp "Crime of the Century", Chuck Mangione "Children of Sanchez".

    Steely Dan just because, the others for the dynamics.
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      Re: Name your top 3 favorite LPs

      Best sounding:
      1. Starker Bach Suites - Speakers Corner reissue
      2. Stravinsky Firebird - Classic Recordings reissue
      3. Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman - Analogue Productions reissue

      Those are the ones I would pick this evening. Tomorrow, I'd probably pick others such as Music of Ancient Greece on Harmonia Mundi (that one is literally scary how real it sounds, but the "music" is hard to take). Any number of Harmonia Mundi's now that I think about it. But those are no longer available (true for the Firebird as well).

      Just about everything by Speakers Corner or Analogue Productions is great.


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        Re: Name your top 3 favorite LPs

        I'm not as experienced with classical music, but any of the Telarc pressings I've listened to are very well done. More familiar with hard rock to earlier metal. The half-speed mastered vinyl would be a category unto itself (mostly by Mobile Fidelity), but I now have quite a small selection of those "audiophile" discs compared to what I used to have. Those were some of the best sounding vinyl I've experienced no matter the style of music. Al DiMeola - Elegant Gypsy would be a good one, so is Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms, Supertramp - Crime Of The Century. There's two from the 70's that stand out for me, some of the better recorded live albums, Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes and Michael Stanley Band - Stage Pass. Most of those and many others are enjoyed with my slightly-modded Yamaha YP-211 turntable with a Grado Cartridge.

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          Re: Name your top 3 favorite LPs

          When vinyl is discussed, I'm reminded of Rough Trade Live, claimed to be the first direct-to-disc rock recording:

          Record ruined decades ago, but sounded great on the Dynaco A-50s. Amazon has it on CD, but that misses the point if you're talking vinyl. (They fed the mixer to a tape deck as well as the cutting machine, thought they had an open-reel version, but don't see that now.)

          This recording had a great combination of impact and smoothness.



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            Re: Name your top 3 favorite LPs

            My mind might change tomorrow, but today it's:

            Muswell Hillbillies - The Kinks
            Every Picture Tells A Story - Rod Stewart
            Meddle - Pink Floyd


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              Re: Name your top 3 favorite LPs

              I forgot Allan Parsons "Turn of a Friendly Card". For that Snap and the tight bottom end.


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                Re: Name your top 3 favorite LPs

                Alan Parsons "Tales Of Mystery & Imagination"(Edgar Allen Poe)