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DOTD -- 5 inch Dynavox

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  • DOTD -- 5 inch Dynavox

    pretty good price for the Dynavox.

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    Re: DOTD -- 5 inch Dynavox

    I just looked at those.

    With a low Xmax, low sensitivity and high Qts, I'm not sure what these would be good for...maybe a mid. in a 3-way?

    They do have that cool "Dynaudio appearance".


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      Re: DOTD -- 5 inch Dynavox

      This driver was used by Wolf in his Vijon project, very similar to a product by Red Rose Audio. The Vijon speakers (pronounced "vision") were some of Wolf's early award-winners and they sound great, should you decide to build a pair.
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        Re: DOTD -- 5 inch Dynavox

        They perform well in a small sealed box, or a ported box up to 15 Liters. Can get some wild extension. I've heard what Wolf got out of their midrange; it's great!
        I'd grab a pair, but I have too many projects lined up already.
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          Re: DOTD -- 5 inch Dynavox

          Thanks, fellas!

          Agreed- it's a good price!

          PS- dst- That 2.5-way you requested is still present on my PC....
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