With much help from Paul Carmody, I have started the build for Event Horizons on-wall L/C/R design.

As you may already know, this design originally started with the Dayton ND line of over-achievers, but Paul decided the low-end output left something to be desired for the design goals, (enclosure size, vented), so he decided to change the design to utilize the HiVi line, (B3N, B4N, still using the ND20FB) won’t into great detail; here is a link to the thread.

I have permission from Paul to grant my build the name of Sensational Events. It seemed appropriate due to the use of the OS drivers in the EH design.
These will be sealed, and will require a sub. Crossing over at 80hz using small speaker option on receiver.
Some of the slight changes are the bracing is no longer angled due to the larger magnet size of the HiVi’s, and I switched to ½” BB to keep weight down.

...drawing by PaulC
My baffles will be solid 3/4” walnut, with rest of enclosure covered in black truck bedliner. Shown is my 10’x12” piece of walnut, with some mineral spirits applied to show grain and color.

Golden Boys overseeing the progress…

I used a ¾” BB piece to test the baffle cuts, and make sure the depths were correct.

Flush mounting the woofers, rear-mounting the ND20. I had to using a straight bit to countersink the tweeter, but that worked well at just a hair under the ¼” mark.

Chamfered inside to allow those to breathe a bit. The HiVi’s have a very small opening in the basket.