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Sub Attaché - slim-line 6.5" buyout sub build

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    Originally posted by bkeane1259 View Post
    I have 7 left....4 are spoken for. I imagine you'd easily be able to sell those for more than you got them for. They're an easy double from what we paid, IMO.
    Yeah, and maybe ebay is where they will end up. I wouldn't want to try and double my money to my forum friends.

    Besides! I have plans for them! I will use ALL my drivers someday! All 120+ of them!
    Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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      Originally posted by Bart Oetken View Post
      I knew this day would come. But not as soon as this. Maybe dayton is coming out with a 6.5" sub soon. Who knows? I remember there were some nd90 look alikes but with a no name brand. I believe from what a friend of mine and I came up to that it was a dayton mock up speaker.

      Maybe in year or so there will be a nice cheap 6.5 subwoofer without the tb pricetag.

      I so kick my self in the a**! I wanted to buy 15 more. Maybe next buyout, the last time there was a nice sub 6.5 buyout was the brauvox black subwoofer.

      I would love to buy as many of these subs as possible but I dont think I could come up with 15 more to spare at this moment.
      I tend to agree with you, they they have the look and feel of the so-called Dayton classic subwoofers - minus the binding posts. I think a stock 6.5" subwoofer driver falling between the TB and Goldwood price points would be a a winner for Dayton Audio, somewhere in the ~$20 range. I asked about this several times over the years to no avail. Either in the "classic" line or the DVC line would be nice.
      Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.