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AudioTechnology 18H Klippel Test

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    Re: AudioTechnology 18H Klippel Test

    Originally posted by johnnyrichards View Post
    Or, it could just be that Xmax is over-rated in any event. As this klippel testing is showing us time and time again, almost all manufacturers over-rate their Xmax - sometimes dramatically.

    This is leading me to believe one of two things: that we can't hear low end distortion very well, or we are used to crappy bass. My tendency is leaning towards the latter what with all the 4-6" 40Hz systems we all build.
    Yup most people don't notice crappy bass. I have played bass since I was young and have not heard very many speakers that reproduce the bass guitars sound correctly. The tone and sound of the strings is almost always lost and it is not usually the recording. I have yet to hear a small bookshelf that reproduces good bass. Decent enough for most though.


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      Re: AudioTechnology 18H Klippel Test

      The only times I THINK I notice it are with content I am EXTREMELY familiar with in real life settings. But on the whole I agree distortion matter most when it gets into the vocal range which we are all genetically programmed to listen to more carefully.


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        Re: AudioTechnology 18H Klippel Test

        So, from now on we don't care about xmax? ;)

        The bottom line is its a worthwhile contribotr and shows up in low end distortion measurements. Check the thread for some newly posted data. There's an obvious trend there.

        I understand where you guys are coming from but it seems that now, after this driver shows poor linear throw, people are willing to accept that and make a case for it.
        Personally, I feel that if the midbasses region is muddy, the rest of the system response suffers. I've learned this from car audio as well.

        That said, this driver has great third order distortion. But you clearly see the effect of low linear xmax in low frequency HD.


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          Re: AudioTechnology 18H Klippel Test

          Ultimately, wouldn't the final arbiter be your ears in the installation? What if under normal use, with subs underneath, xmax never factors in, and all you're left with is the linear performance that feyz points out is superior.

          Maybe that's why winslow says he's been enjoying them so much, despite what their xmax might be.
          Of course use is the deciding factor. But the purpose of all the testing I and others provide is to make the best educated guess. Then you make the purchase and put it to the ear test.
          Data is a guide toward determining value and if a driver meets your requirements. All these are up to the end user.

          Speaking of linear performance...
          I've grown less and less concerned with actual HD. Typically it's so low that it's not something I'm concerned with. I use it as a guide to help me determine a nominal passband. The real area I pay attention to is the linearity of frequency response. I'm not saying distortion measurements don't matter. I absolutely think they do. I just don't get as worked up about it as I used to as long as its within some threshold (3% THD seems to fit the bill well, based on my own subjective testing and based off the data on the klippel auralization test).

          Jeff said he wasn't impressed with these. Jeff, would you mind sticking your neck out and maybe giving some tidbits why?