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Speaker Building - What must have tools?

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    Re: Speaker Building - What must have tools?

    I just got into this hobby and i can tell you what tools I really appreciate the most...
    1. Table saw... if not available, use a circular saw. You will lose some accuracy but it is livable.
    2. Router... A router will do wonders. You can cut circles for drivers, cutouts for amps. Round or chamfer edges. Trim laminates or veneers. Be careful, routers should only be used in one direction, otherwise the router can go out of control.
    3. Electric Drill... You need this to drill holes for the mounting screws. If you just screw into the MDF, it will split readily
    4. Jig Saw... If you got a router, a jig saw will not be needed, but it does some cuts quicker.
    5. random orbital disc sander... this makes it real easy to sand the whole box easily
    6. circle cutting jig from Jasper... This makes circle cutting real easy and accurate

    You will of course need a work table, a MDF panel on two saw horses will do in a pinch. A shop vacuum cleaner with a fine filter bag. Safety glasses and mask are necessities, as MDF is very bad for you. To finish MDf, you need Zinsser BIN Shellac primer, some 4" paint rollers and sand paper to finish it. The primer will seal the MDF as painting MDF is a real pain without it.

    Here are some pics of some jigs I made...
    I made a guide rail like ones on a track saw. I glued non-slip rubber padding on the bottom to avoid using clamps. It works really well. The pic shows how the saw cuts along the guide when you align the cutting edge. Make sure the guide for the saw is longer than the cutting edge.

    The bottom two pictures show how I made a 45 degree cutting guide to make braces.

    Click image for larger version

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    If you google circle cutting guides, you can find several posts on how to make an easy to use circle cutting guides as well.

    [EDIT] The saw guide did not work well... You have to have the guide aligned to the motorside of the saw. Otherwise there is not enough on the ledge to keep the saw level....
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