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  • Golden Age of Speakers

    This is a question for the speaker/audio veterans I suppose: I have only been into this hobby for a few years but from what I have read over that time it sounds like diy speaker-building really took off at the start of the new millenium. Not only the building but the quality and availability of the drivers themselves. Is this true? If so, then this is kind of a golden age for speakers in terms of performance and acessibility.

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    Re: Golden Age of Speakers

    Internet + CAD = Productivity :D = Actually maybe not
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      Re: Golden Age of Speakers

      While I can't speak to DIY in the 90's, I can say that some of the more amazing designs came from the early years of this century - think Wayne J's work as an example.

      Unfortunately the more recent driver price increases have taken some of the steam out of the renaissance, moving much of the most recent design breakthroughs in the areas of budget and closeout driver builds - not necessarily a bad thing!


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        Re: Golden Age of Speakers

        I'm a relative noob (having started back in 2002 or so), but from what I remember, choices were more limited and far more expensive back then. I recall PE's catalogue carried tons of Focal drivers, tremendously expensive, all of which are probably beaten by the DA aluminum drivers, or the RS's.

        I do remember the TB W4-1337s at $30 or so (list price). I got 4 of them back then, so I assume if there was ever a "golden age", it was in 2007~2008. :D
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          Re: Golden Age of Speakers

          Originally posted by Wushuliu View Post
          from what I have read over that time it sounds like diy speaker-building really took off at the start of the new millenium.
          It was much more difficult to DIY a reasonably good speaker before the advent of computer tools and the retail availability of better (much better, in fact) drivers. Done right it is now not all that difficult to build speakers as good as the best commercial product of 20-40 years ago. It's not so clear that things have got a whole lot "better", though . . . worth noting is, for example, that Jeff B. "voices" his better designs to sound like something from the "dark ages", and that DIY for the most part is still stuck building little boxes that wouldn't look (or sound) out of place in the 60's or 70's. But there's no escaping that the better DIY designs now are as good as it (used to) get . . .
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