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  • GR Tweeters from InDIYana

    I asked Wolf about the model number of the door prize tweeters by GR Research, and he told me they were the GR-T3. As I look at the GR website, though, I see that the faceplate, dome, and DC resistance is completely different. Does anyone know if this might be a new version of the T3? I'd definitely like to use them in a project, but I'm really confused about which model they actually are.
    Eric L.

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    Re: GR Tweeters from InDIYana

    Those looked to me like the tweeters that that go with his AV123 kits.
    You'd probably need to contact Danny Ritchie about them.
    And I liked your green speakers a lot. It was nice to meet you and yours too.

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      Re: GR Tweeters from InDIYana

      They are used in the X-LS and X-CS kits:

      The X-LS was a multiple award winning design.

      That's all I got. I mistakenly said they were the T3 then.
      Hope that helps!
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