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Vintage *** Radio Dipole replacement

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  • Vintage *** Radio Dipole replacement

    I have a vintage Panasonic radio that uses a single full-range 16cm speaker in a Dipole configuration. The speaker is 16ohms (but i have audio resistors to match that)

    -What Imperial size would be a good match?

    -Would a modern full range driver be suitable?

    -Instead should I try to put in a Coaxial speaker? (though I like the sound of a xover less design!)

    -Does PE (or someone else?) have a driver that would be good for this?

    I'm going to be using this radio for classic rock (nothing else... seriously)

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    Re: Vintage *** Radio Dipole replacement

    A 6 1/4" 16 ohm full-range speaker would be a nearly "ideal" replacement, and they do exist. I'm not saying they are the easiest thing to find, but they're out there. Your radio's output stage can probably live with a 12 ohm speaker if you don't "crank it" too often, and full-range 12 ohm 6" speakers (make your own "adapter") aren't that hard to find, especially as close-outs, or "surplus". P-E had a good supply last year, sorry.


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      Re: Vintage *** Radio Dipole replacement

      Yeah i was thinking about just adding an adapter of my own to the baffle to fit an 6-6 1/4 inch sized speaker. I almost never turn the amp past half way because it starts to overload the current speaker. (and it's plenty loud.) thanks for the input!